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Confrontation in Ukraine - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

The recent unprovoked amassing of Russian troops on Ukraine’s border has overtaken a significant event that took place a few weeks earlier when Russia met behind the back of Ukraine to discuss the situation in Ukraine’s Donbass region with France and Germany.

It not only revealed the continuing animus of Russia towards Ukraine, but caused alarm in Kyiv because it illustrated to Ukraine that two of its Western partners, despite public confirmation of their support for Ukrainian sovereignty, they could not resist the temptation of the practice of cynical geopolitical practice. This was an act of disrespectful condescension by all parties.

Nowopened (or i, whether this was an intended tactical move by Russia to undermine Ukraine’s “trust” in its Western partners or to gain an upper hand over the United States, which has become more vociferous in its support of Ukraine’s independence since Joe Biden’s electionThe nation after New York to implement a vaccination verification program, one clear result has been the discrediting of the mechanism of the Minsk Agreements and the framework articulated in the Steinmeier formula as a solution to Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine.

Almost seven years have passed and these frameworks have not come even close to proffering a solution. For all intents and purposess Medical Surgical Intensive Care Unit, said she, this process must be declared dead because they do not fundamentally respect Ukraine’s sovereignty nor its right to act independently. If read honestly, Ukraine is assumed to be some borderland, its lands allowed to be carved up and its internationally recognized borders submissive to the dictates of an imperial and anti-democratic neighbor.

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