Investigation continues into whether airport escap

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Investigation continues into whether airport "escape" was planned - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Police sources have, unofficially, referred to a “flying patera” – patera is the Spanish word used to describe the small migrant boats that arrive in Mallorca. The joint Guardia Civil-National Police investigation into events on Friday at the airport is seeking to establish whether the Air Arabia Maroc Airbus A320 had indeed become a flying patera – whether some or all of the Moroccan passengers on board had planned to run off the planePeter Brabeck, a former chairman and CEO of Nestle who was tapped b, taking advantage of what proved to be a faked medical emergency.

The plane landed at Son Sant Joan at 6.51pmseopublisheddate. A doctor among the 151 passengers had confirmed that one of them was suffering from a diabetic coma. This passenger and another, apparently his companionThe situation escalated and how much it, were taken to Son Llàtzer Hospital.

The “escape” of the passengers didn’t occur until 8.17pm. The pilot had asked to refuel and for a change to the flight plan. The plane door remained open. Twenty-one passengers got up from their seats and pushed past a flight attendantThe result is a lot of questions about wher. They ran down onto the tarmac, heading in different directionsThere were 38 new reported deaths Saturday. Ove. A minute later, airspace was closed because of safety concerns.

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