Common misunderstandings in wall paint acceptance

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Decoration is afraid of the construction team cutting corners, which will bring us time and economic losses. But I'm also afraid that the owners who don't know much about the acceptance after decoration, although the more careful the wall paint is in the acceptance, the better, but we should also avoid going into the wrong zone and giving directions. Let's take a look at the common misunderstandings in the acceptance of wall paint

◆ crack resistant paint is definitely crack resistant

no matter new or old houses, there are many wall cracks. Many people try their best to choose a good paint to solve the problem of cracking. I once saw a famous brand paint package with “ Crack resistance. Many consumers think that as long as they use these paints, they can prevent wall cracking and other problems. In fact, this is not very effective

it is unlikely that a thin layer of paint film can prevent the occurrence of wall cracking. Now on the market “ Elastic emulsion paint can only make up for microcracks below 0.3mm in general. If the wall has cracked, the best way to solve these problems is to use latex paint to make up, or use cement to make up the cracks, and then apply paint

◆ blindly worry about paint environmental protection

as people pay more and more attention to health, many people are not afraid of fakes but decoration pollution. When it comes to decoration pollution, many people immediately think of paint. Everyone believes that the paint contains a lot of toxic substances such as formaldehyde, benzene and VOC. Therefore, when choosing paint, they are also very worried. But in fact, this worry is unnecessary. Now the safety of many coatings has reached a good level, and consumers don't have to worry too much

in fact, many consumers' concerns about the environmental protection of coatings can be said to be blind. At present, most qualified interior wall coatings are safe. They are generally water-based coatings. Environmentally friendly water-based coatings produce less formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances, which generally do little harm to human body. As long as indoor ventilation is paid attention to after decoration, these decoration pollution can be effectively avoided

◆ pay too much attention to the brand of paint

many owners believe that it is good to buy well-known brands to buy paint. Of course, the products of well-known brands have certain quality assurance, but they cannot blindly pursue brands. In fact, the quality and effect of many ordinary brand products and well-known brand products are not much different, but there is a gap in price. Reasonable choice of paint is the wise way to choose

when selecting coatings, you should first understand the quality, reputation and market of various brands of coatings on the Internet or other channels. For coatings with the same effect, try to choose brands with reasonable prices

◆ there is a quality problem if you touch the powder with your hand.

when checking the wall paint, you usually touch the wall with your hand. Sometimes, a lot of powder particles will fall off the wall after touching it. At this time, many people think that there must be a problem with the coating or construction. But the powder falling off the wall is not necessarily caused by the paint problems

during the construction process, there will be dust adhering to the wall, and the powder will fall out if you touch it with your hand after the construction. In fact, these are just dust, which can be solved by wiping off with a clean towel or duster

◆ the more dark paint is brushed, the darker the color is.

many people believe that the more dark paint is brushed, the darker the color will be. Therefore, when painting the wall, owners who want to deepen the color of the wall often require the construction personnel to paint more times to make the wall look darker. In fact, this practice is not correct

even if the dark paint is brushed for more than ten times, the color will not become darker. Dark paint contains low content of titanium dioxide and weak coverage. It can be brushed several times more than light paint, but it is generally controlled at 5 to 6 times. Too many times of brushing will increase the thickness of the wall coating, but it is easy to cause surface cracking

◆ a smooth wall is flat

some people think that seeing a smooth wall, they think that the wall is painted very flat. In fact, such a crude estimate is wrong, because the smoothness of the wall is not easy to see with the naked eye. Take the lamp by hand for acceptance. Generally, connect a 200W bulb with a wire. After the bulb is tied with an 80 cm long thin wooden square, take the bulb and shine it along the wall. As long as there is uneven wall or particles, you can see it. Then keep the distance between the bulb and the wall at about 10cm, and then use the naked eye to see whether the internal and external corners are smooth and straight





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