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Young people living in urban reinforced concrete forests always hope to have their own "Xanadu". So the pastoral style of advocating returning to nature began to enter the city. Sweet broken flowers, fresh green plants, and simple cotton and wood can create a leisurely pastoral life for their small camp. This may also be the reason for the prevalence of pastoral style, which brings comfort and encouragement to our hearts

most of the full fabric sofas in the pastoral style have no corners. Cloth art such as bags use a lot of floral patterns, and the colors are fresh and elegant, while the blank wall is more foil to the lively and happy atmosphere of flowers

sometimes the white wall is not willing to be empty, and decorative paintings and color pages torn from magazines make it more colorful. The design emphasizes the natural return of the soul, gives people a strong breath, and fully reflects the comfortable and comfortable living atmosphere pursued by the designer

the white space adopts independent pattern combination, which can be flexibly arranged in various forms. Swallow graphics with unified style and different sizes are matched to form an interesting picture, which not only adds dynamism and vitality to the room, but also eases the mood

broken flowers are the eternal melody of the pastoral style. The wallpaper with numerous flower patterns as the keynote has beautiful flower colors. With wood colored furniture and floors, everything is low-key and comfortable. At the same time, the soft bag greatly improves the softness index of the space

the bench is decorated with gradual neutral colors and elegant flowers. The whole rest area conveys the designer's preference for pastoral style





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