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Since its entry into the peak year, the joining of yimeide aluminum alloy doors and windows has been smooth sailing, especially in terms of market development. After signing a contract with the big city of Chongqing, yimeide doors and windows recently signed a contract with Maoming, Guangdong

since its entry into the peak year, Imade doors and windows has been smooth sailing, especially in terms of market development. After signing a contract with the big city of Chongqing, Imade doors and windows recently signed a contract with Maoming, Guangdong

▲ the above figure shows Mr. Xiong Linfeng, general manager of yimeide, and Mr. Li, general manager of Maoming

Maoming is the most developed city in western Guangdong, with a large population and a vast territory. President Li has a keen eye and grasps the pulse of Maoming's rapid economic development. He has made great efforts to develop the business of aluminum alloy doors and windows for the transformation and upgrading of his career. After comparison with many aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers, he joined yimeide without hesitation

president Li mentioned that the high-quality products made by yimeide German technology reassured them that Maoming is close to the sea and is often attacked by typhoons. The local people have high requirements for the wind pressure resistance and sealing of aluminum alloy doors and windows. The Yangtai door and broken bridge window of yimeide are designed according to German technology, which have strong anti swing and wind resistance, meet the requirements of local people, and the service is considerate and considerate, so the prospect of yimeide in Maoming must be very good. Yimeide doors and windows are blooming everywhere, and good news of joining continues. This entry into Maoming will further consolidate the market of yimeide in the coastal areas of South China

Imade doors and windows employs German experts as the chief designer. Every detail of the product is designed with German technology. At the same time, strict requirements are made in processing to strive for perfection

120 heavy sliding door

heavy sliding door

Imade heavy sliding door has large size and sufficient thickness of profile to ensure strength; The heavy-duty pulley is used to support a large area of insulating glass, and the pushing and pulling is smooth and silent, with 100000 times of pushing and pulling without failure

Nano series broken bridge casement window

the yimeide broken bridge casement window series products adopt the design principle of multi cavity equal ballast, adopt German Haobo hardware accessories, EPDM weather resistance and aging resistance, and the overall air tightness and water tightness have achieved very good results. Not only that, the gluing of its fixed fan is indoor, without outdoor operation, which greatly improves the installation efficiency while ensuring safety

join yimeide

enjoy the wealth feast

Founded in 2008, Foshan yimeide doors and windows Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and service of private customization of high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows. Its products include high-end heavy sliding doors, side hung doors, aluminum wood doors, window screen integrated broken bridge windows, European villa sunshine rooms, folding doors, broken bridge insulation silent casement windows, Pt doors, etc. Over the years, yimeide doors and windows has always adhered to the purpose of "quality creates the future", followed the strict and meticulous craftsmanship spirit of European style, adopted high-quality raw materials and German advanced technology and technology, and committed to building high-end door and window benchmarks. The company has heavily hired the famous singer ulantuya to speak for the brand to increase its credibility. It has been rated as "top ten brands in China's aluminum alloy door and window industry", "green environmental protection products", "AAA quality, service and reputation products" and many other honors. It has participated in the Shanghai and Guangzhou Construction Expo for many consecutive years, and has invested a lot of money in strong advertising at major high-speed rail stations across the country. The company's new industrial park is also being prepared, The production base will be further upgraded to become a well-known brand in the aluminum door and window industry, contribute to the healthy development of the door and window industry, and strive to create a beautiful and happy home life for consumers. At present, yimeide door and window engineering cases are all over the country, with yimeide brand stores in more than 30 provinces and nearly 100 cities across the country

company address: Foshan Nanhai Dali Taiping Shuibian Industrial Park, aluminum alloy doors and windows franchise hotline: 0757-81821258; http://www.ymddoor.cn





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