Shangpin house and Aishang plan to come to Leiyang

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Shangpin home furnishing "love shangplan. Love school" program is a charity student public welfare project initiated and organized by Shangpin home furnishing and its image spokesperson Zhou Xun in March, 2013

Shangpin Homestead "love Shangpin plan. Love school" plan is a love student public welfare project initiated and organized by Shangpin homestead and its image spokesman Zhou Xun in March 2013. Shangpin homestead will provide schools in poor areas with the required Shangpin homestead free of charge, which is specially customized for primary school students. These desks and chairs customized according to ergonomics can be adjusted freely according to the height of children, which is very suitable for growing students

on April 28, 2014, just after saying goodbye to the children in Yongzhou, Hunan Province, Shangpin Homestead "love Shang plan? Love school" continued to move forward and came to Leiyang, Hunan Province. It has brought Shangpin homestead love customized desks and chairs to the children of three schools, namely, Risheng primary school in Hejiang village, Mashui Township, Leiyang City, Hunan Province, peiyingtang primary school in Peiying 2, Liangyuan Township, and Huling primary school in Huling village, Liangyuan township. These custom desks and chairs, which are full of Shangpin homestead and love, have brought a new and comfortable class environment to the students of the school. This is the 16th stop of the 34th-36th primary school donated since the launch of the "love Shang plan? Love school" project of Shangpin homestead, with a total of 3599 sets of desks and chairs donated

in the future, Shangpin homestead will continue to move forward and make continuous efforts to call on and lead more people to participate in the "Aishang plan? Love to go to school" project, provide more schools with a more comfortable classroom environment, constantly sow seeds on more land and harvest hope. "Love Shang plan? Love school", you and me

care for left behind children and share wonderful childhood

in this "love fashion plan? Love school" trip to Leiyang, Hunan, there was a special figure, which brought more excitement to this love trip. Shangpin people with deep love not only drove to Leiyang by themselves this time, but also took their daughter to this love donation school

every time we go to the donated school, we find that most of the children in the school are left behind children, and they often accompany the elderly of their grandparents at home. Because the school has limited teachers, their teachers in school are also older. Every time a young man goes to school, the children are very excited

this time, shangpinren's little daughter, only 4 years old, arrived at the scene, which undoubtedly brought great surprise and excitement to the local children. They are of the same age and live in different environments, and they have many small stories that can be shared with each other. Children's childhood is precious. "Love Shang plan? Love school" not only hopes that every child can learn in a comfortable environment, but also hopes to bring them more wonderful childhood memories

help "the most beautiful rural teachers" and create vivid teaching

in this trip to Leiyang, Hunan, "love Shang plan? Love school" came to Huling primary school, Huling village, Liangyuan Township, Leiyang City. Huling village of Liangyuan township is located on yuanming'ao mountain, the easternmost border of Leiyang City, more than 80 kilometers away from Leiyang City. The mountains here are high and the traffic is extremely inconvenient. In Huling primary school, there is only one teacher, tanxuelian, who is affectionately called "mountain mother" by the children of yuanming'ao. She was once rated as "the cutest rural teacher in Hunan Province"

31 winter and summer come and go, and she welcomes one child after another who knows nothing and can't take care of herself; 11320 days and nights, she sent away a batch of students who were able to take care of themselves, polite and eager to learn. During this period, she had suffered and hurt, but she never hesitated or retreated because of this. On the contrary, she always adhered to this place, sowed her love for education on the mountains of yuanming'ao, and made it deeply rooted in this fertile soil

Shangpin Homestead "love Shang plan. Love school" after learning about the situation of Huling primary school, I feel very sad about the difficult conditions of the children, and I feel very moved about teacher Tan's selfless dedication. This "love Shang plan. Love school" not only replaced the desks and chairs required by the whole school for Huling primary school, but also provided a lot of teaching help spontaneously in Huling primary school

shangpinren has carried out vivid teaching for children in Huling primary school, such as art class, animation video and audio class, which has brought great vitality to the school. Shangpin Homestead "love Shang plan? Love school" hopes to help teacher Tan create the most beautiful teaching

care about the hometown of employees and enter the employee's alma mater

in this trip to Leiyang, Hunan, Peiying 2 primary school in Liangyuan Township, Mashui district is the alma mater of Li Xiangping, an ordinary employee of Shangpin house. Shangpin homestead can provide her with such an opportunity to care about and give back to her alma mater, and it makes her very proud to bring brand-new desks and chairs to her younger brothers and sisters

Li Xiangping was at the donation site, Said movingly: "When I was in school, the school conditions were very difficult, and the desks and chairs used in the classroom were pockmarked. At that time, I always longed for a flat new desk so that I could write beautiful words. Today, when I saw you using the beautiful desks and chairs donated by Shangpin home accessories, I was very happy that my once small wish had been realized on you. Thank Shangpin home accessories! Thank 'Aishang plan? Love school'! I am so happy for myself Proud to work in an enterprise full of 'family culture'

every love trip is a gift explosion full of surprises

in addition to the love customized desks and chairs, Shangpin people participating in this activity spontaneously prepared special gifts for the children of the three schools in Leiyang with great care. Including colorful, beautiful and practical crayons; A card with the cordial greetings of Shangpin people; Of course, there are many educational games that children love to play, such as military flags, chess, etc. at the same time, they don't forget to send warm mugs to the teachers. I hope Shangpin home accessories and the deep love of Shangpin people can accompany the children's happy growth and send a considerate warmth to the teachers




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