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In the decoration design of the house for the elderly, attention should be paid to the safety and convenience of the elderly's daily actions in the detail design after listening to the elderly's own understanding. Attention should be paid to the selection of materials with special functions, and special transformation should be carried out according to the characteristics of the elderly during construction. In short, everything is mainly in line with the specific physical characteristics and needs of the elderly


the design of the old people's house has relatively high requirements for designers. On the one hand, it requires designers to be more careful in making design plans, have more life experience, and require designers to fully consider the needs of the elderly

Meijia life

the design conforms to the habit and personality

for example, the age, previous occupation, personality and hobbies of the old man, whether the old couple live together or alone, are things that need to be understood. If conditions permit, it's best to go to the old man's original home, chat with the old man, and learn as much as possible about the old man's living habits and personal hobbies from the chat. Then, according to the understanding, show the photos that you think are suitable to the elderly, use the simplest method to get the most intuitive feeling, and make a judgment on the likes and dislikes of the elderly

generally speaking, most old people like Chinese style or modern simple style. But the modern simplicity they like is different from the fashion of young people. They pay more attention to simplicity, comfort and generosity. Furniture is also mainly hardwood furniture




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