Five new material industries will be built in Hail

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Five new material industries will be built in Hailing District, Taizhou, Jiangsu Province the development plan for new material industry in Hailing District, Taizhou, Jiangsu Province recently passed the expert demonstration, focusing on the development of five new material industries, including new energy materials, composite materials, electronic information materials, biomedical materials, and new functional materials. It is planned to achieve a total output value of 60billion yuan by 2015, and form a new spatial distribution pattern of "one park in a park and two clusters". After years of development and cultivation, in order to improve the price competitiveness of products, the number of domestic socket enterprises in the former Hailing District has reached more than 100. Chery also suggested that the annual sales revenue of the first developed parts and components in Chery new energy vehicles should be more than 13 billion yuan. Note: the processing of 98% flake vanadium pentoxide into vanadium electricity from industrial grade vanadium pentoxide is not considered for the time being, that is, the consumption cost of the hydrolysate

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