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Five precautions for selecting manipulator

selecting manipulator mainly starts from two aspects of price and quality. How to select a suitable CNC lathe manipulator is difficult for novices. Tie Sheng tells you how to select a CNC lathe manipulator:

1 You must be clear about your intention to buy a CNC lathe manipulator and do something for yourself. For example, only active loading and unloading, active feeding, or both are required

2. Don't just trust others' statements. Take the facts as the evidence. If you have a heart for a CNC lathe, you feel very good by comparison. Then you can buy one and try it first. If you meet your own requirements, it is perfect. If it is not as good as the manufacturer said, you can also try other lathe manipulators. Trust that with the previous experience, there will be no panic in the purchase of CNC lathe manipulator

3. About the function of lathe manipulator, if you compare the function of CNC lathe manipulator, you must make sure that what you said is the same as what he said. For example, you ask the lathe manipulator to work together to quickly take out the product for the future of Hong Kong. What you ask is 2 seconds, which is a cycle time (from taking out the product to putting down the product and taking it out at the beginning). Then others say that they can do it in a shorter time than you, but he records the experimental time, which refers to the time from taking it out to putting it down

4. Ask more when purchasing lathe manipulator. No matter what problems you have, you should timely learn from the lathe manipulator manufacturer until there are no problems

5. Lathe manipulator after-sales service no matter what product, if the after-sales service is not good enough, don't think too much about it. If people beg you when you buy the machine, but you beg them when you sell the machine, what else can such lathe manipulator manufacturers cherish? In recent years, CNC lathes (1) regularly check whether the connecting line on the rear panel of the controller is in good contact. With the more and more frequent application of the manipulator, the relative technology and quality have been greatly improved. It should be regarded as a mature product. Therefore, when purchasing CNC lathes manipulator, we should start from the above points, It can be realized that the company also plans to issue two more products before the end of the year. The application of automatic loading and unloading of lathes will realize the purpose of reducing staff and increasing efficiency

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