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The "five axes" necessary for the successful breakthrough of coating enterprises

the "five axes" necessary for the successful breakthrough of coating enterprises

September 25, 2008

[measurement method: China coating information] this year, affected by the continuous high international crude oil prices, the rise in raw material prices, the downward adjustment of export tax rebate rate, the downturn of the housing market, the increasingly strict production and transportation of dangerous chemicals and other factors, The domestic coating market, especially the civil coating market, is in a downturn: the manufacturing cost of coating enterprises has risen sharply, and the profit margin is declining day by day. Generally, they feel pressure, and the small and medium-sized coating enterprises that impact the market with low prices are even more difficult to make a living. In this case, many coating enterprises have launched a positive "breakthrough" action, or strong alliances, adjust sales channels, or hand in hand with channels, develop a larger market, or control costs, improve profits, and so on. Their experience is worth learning from

breakthrough point: strong alliance, adjustment of sales channels

representative enterprise: Aksu Nobel

even Aksu, the largest paint giant in the world Nobel, the rise of global oil price and the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis also have a great negative impact on it; What's more, Aksu The demand for coatings in North America and Europe, the main markets of Nobel, has been basically saturated, with an annual growth rate of only 2% ~ 3%. At the beginning of 2008, Aksu Bo Hengju, President of Nobel China, said frankly that the enterprise is facing challenges

so in January this year, Aksu finally completed the acquisition of Imperial Chemical Industry Corporation (ICI) by 8billion pounds (about US $16.3 billion) Nobel began to work on the integration of its brands. Previously, Aksu Nobel has decided to adopt the strategy of "two equipped with one AC power adapter, which is suitable for 100 (2) 40V power supply, and using hydrogen battery legs", that is, to give up the business in the field of medical and health care products and focus on the field of coatings and chemicals

at the end of April, Aksu Nobel released a brand new brand strategy with "submit today and answer tomorrow" as the core: Aksu The English name of Nobel's company has been slightly changed; The logo becomes more energetic and powerful; Change of brand structure; Corporate values and brand concept update. These elements are integrated to form a unique and vivid global brand, and Aksu Nobel's highly focused strategic vision fits very well

meanwhile, Aksu Nobel has also adjusted its sales system in the Chinese market. At present, Aksu has further integrated many advantages of ICI Nobel, with more concentrated resources and channels, has a strong momentum of development. In Aksu last year According to the latest strategic development goal of China announced by Nobel CEO weisihan, its sales revenue in 2012 was US $2billion, which shows its great development potential

"according to the current development trend, two years later, AkzoNobel will surpass Nippon in market share, brand reputation and high-end degree of brand in China and become the leader in China's paint market." Guo Wei, a man of the moment in the paint industry, said to the author. It is understood that Aksu There are not a few people in the industry who hold the idea of Nobel's future development

breakthrough point: join hands with the channel to open up a larger market

representative enterprise: zhanchenda chemical

Guo Wei, general manager of Shenzhen zhanchenda Chemical Co., Ltd., is also deeply touched by the overall downturn of the current coating market. However, he believes that this has little impact on Zhan Chenda. Indeed, in the current environment, zhanchenda is one of the few domestic coating enterprises that still maintains high-speed development

On August 8, Qingdao Fuchen Chemical Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of zhanchenda chemical, laid a grand foundation in Tonghe Industrial Park, Pingdu City, Qingdao, setting a new milestone for the development of zhanchenda chemical. So far, zhanchenda chemical has 6 production bases under construction, which are distributed in Qingdao, Chengdu, Dalian, Zhuhai, Wuhan and Fuzhou, six metropolises with strong economic development. At that time, together with the current three production bases in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, zhanchenda chemical will form the largest and most perfect coating production layout in China, and the production network will become stronger and stronger

there is no doubt that zhanchenda chemical is one of the most attractive enterprises in the domestic coating market this year, making use of the excellent characteristics of graphene

in addition to building production bases in various regions, zhanchenda, with Guowei, the man of the moment in the paint industry, as the flag bearer, has extensively solicited dealers nationwide to join the sales channel of classic paint, so as to open up a broader and more influential market. Zhan Chenda believes that in the next decade, China's demand for decoration paint products will be huge, and the growth rate will surpass GDP, reaching 15% per year, of which the growth of latex paint market capacity will greatly exceed that of wood paint; And 2008 is the year of integration of the coating industry, with changes and opportunities

at this stage, the classic paint aims to "become the first brand of emulsion paint in China" and starts to make efforts in channel, product and brand promotion. In terms of new channel development, by using the new direct selling model, in just five months, the number of contacts was nearly 1000, the quality of dealers also improved by leaps and bounds, and a large number of business partners willing to grow together with the brand were developed. In the research and development of new products, latex paint is the main product line. The product line is in line with Dulux and Nippon, breaking the monopoly that only international brands can make high-grade latex paint, and the use of products has been highly praised by consumers, laying a solid foundation for Chinese brands to compete with international brands. At the same time, in the development of wood paint, combined with the advantages of the enterprise's own furniture paint, the company launched a series of environmentally friendly vegetable oil modified resins to bring more healthy care to consumers. In the brand promotion of new classic paint, combined with the emerging Internet, call center and other information-based media technologies, it has carried out extensive publicity at the level of consumers and users, and improved the service quality to channels, consumers, painters and other customers

breakout point: comply with the situation and make efforts in the water-based paint market

representative enterprise: garberry

the most eye-catching action of garberry this year is still the promotion of water-based wood paint

in 2001, the company initiated a project with South China University of technology to develop water-based wood paint. In 2004, the "epoxy resin modified water-based polyurethane acrylic composite lotion and water-based wood paint" were listed in the national Torch Program. By 2007, 10000 tons of water-based wood paint was completed and put into production. The achievements made by garberry in the field of water-based wood paint have made it a worthy leader in the domestic water-based paint industry

at present, with the strict requirements on environmental protection indicators in the international market and the improvement of environmental protection awareness in the domestic market, the application of water-based wood paint in the furniture industry is taking substantive steps. Moreover, in addition to the active participation of a large number of furniture enterprises, many toy and building materials enterprises are also seeking cooperation with water-based wood paint enterprises, and the water-based wood paint industry chain has taken shape. Xuyouwei, deputy general manager of garberry, also told the author that environmental protection and water-based coating is the inevitable trend of the development of coating industry, and China is at the best time for the development of water-based wood paint. Garberry, which is already the leader of domestic paint brands, will make great achievements in water-based wood paint, and its potential will not be underestimated

breakout point: cost control, "push-pull" joint force

representative enterprise: sankeshu

wangtongxiao, marketing department of sankeshu coating Co., Ltd., believes that the impact of macroeconomic fluctuations and the continuous sharp rise of raw material prices on most enterprises exists, and sankeshu is no exception; However, there are often opportunities in the crisis. If you can see the opportunities from the difficulties and seize the opportunities, the enterprise will be able to "break out" from the depressed industry environment

wangtongxiao said that the "breakthrough" mode of sankeshu was mainly reflected in three aspects: controlling management costs, increasing profits, and "pushing and pulling" together to drive sales. Controlling management costs and improving profits are the foundation. At present, the profit management of sankeshu has reached people. Each department has established a cost reward and punishment mechanism to reward employees who reduce costs and punish employees who increase losses. The cost awareness of all employees has been greatly improved compared with the past. "Push pull synergy" means to strengthen the thrust of terminal cultural marketing, and intensify efforts to instill the corporate culture and brand culture of sankeshu into consumers through the terminal communication system; First, it refers to increasing the amount of advertising. For example, sankeshu spent millions to win the bid for the exclusive strategic partner of the designated industry of the "voice of China" in the CCTV signboard column with a few domestic first-line enterprises such as Bank of China, China Mobile and Mengniu

according to wangtongxiao, the paint samples of sankeshu will be lifted off again with the Shenzhou VII spacecraft that will take off at the end of September. In October, 2005, five paint samples independently developed and produced by sankeshu have been selected to carry Shenzhou VI manned spacecraft for several days of space travel, becoming the "only paint brand for Shenzhou VI". It is believed that the launch of "Shenqi" once again will greatly help to improve the brand awareness and beauty of sankeshu, and any ban will have a significant impact on the reputation of American industry

breakout point: practice hard and win professionally

representative enterprise: Clivia

Zhang Jinsong, manager of the marketing department of Clivia, does not deny the impact of the current environment on Clivia. "The current environment is indeed not optimistic, which has a great impact on home decoration coating manufacturers, and Clivia is no exception.". This environment prompted Clivia to strengthen its positioning as an "expert furniture paint manufacturer": in the first half of this year, Clivia "cut off" its internal and external wall paint business and only made furniture paint, with a view to winning professionally. "Our current mentality is to do everything well."

according to zhangjinsong, at this stage, Clivia is working hard to adjust sales policies and strengthen follow-up services, so as to better enhance the development of its furniture paint market. Compared with the past, Clivia now pays more attention to quality and service, no longer blindly pursues the growth of quantity, and its development is more benign than before

it is also understood that Clivia is sparing no effort in the feasibility study and development of water-based furniture paint, and making every effort to promote water-based furniture paint. At present, the water-based furniture paint of Clivia has been introduced to the market, including single component series, two-component series, floor paint series, etc. the product has no smell, does not contain benzene, formaldehyde, heavy metals and other harmful substances, and has excellent scratch resistance, wear resistance and other characteristics, which is welcomed by users. Its two-component series has been evaluated as "leading products in China" by Bayer Technology Department, an international well-known chemical enterprise, and is suitable for painting all kinds of high-end furniture

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