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Personal experience sharing in order to ensure the normal operation of the experiment itself: five points for attention of manual patchwork. If the compositor does not pay attention to some small details when making up, it will more or less have a certain impact on the product quality and economic benefits. 1. in the hot season, when there is sweat on the hands of the compositor, it is best to wash the sweat off the hands (no matter how many times there is sweat). If you have sweat on your hands, go to take the film or sulfuric acid paper. The sweat fingerprints of the testing machine will appear on the film or sulfuric acid paper, and it is easy to get dirty (especially when taking the film of fine color products). 2. it is better to use new adhesive tape or clean adhesive tape when making up. Now there are many kinds of adhesive tapes on the market. When purchasing, you must pay attention to choosing thinner and transparent tapes. 3. special attention must be paid to the weather change when assembling sulfuric acid paper. Because in rainy days or when the humidity in the air is high, the expansion and contraction of sulfuric acid paper is particularly large, which is unfavorable to overprint (except for air conditioning). 4. the compositor must carefully draw the table paper. First, choose materials with small flexibility to make table paper, and pay attention to its accuracy when drawing. 1. According to the technical requirements of various springs, elastomers and elastic components, because the low accuracy of table paper will have a bad impact on the product quality. 5. if red tape is used as color mark and back mark, there shall be a certain distance from the position of the text. In addition, the size of the spine mark is also very important. It is better not to be greater than 2mm

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