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Five new development fields of digital printing: personalized needs become highlights

digital printing system refers to the technology of digitalization and networking in the whole process of printing, covering technologies such as computer direct plate making, digital workflow, digital proofing, on-demand and rapid printing. It is inevitable for the printing industry to adapt to the development of the information age. Digital printing has the characteristics of high requirements, small batch, fast change, and can meet the needs of publishing. At the same time, as a supplement to offset printing, printing and flexographic printing, digital printing will develop rapidly in the world, penetrate into all levels of society at an amazing speed, affect all aspects of the printing industry and are produced by the advanced semiconductor factory in Jinan, and will be widely used in art, packaging, label printing, textiles, books, advertisements and other printed materials, so as to meet people's needs for personalization, diversity and flexibility of printed materials

at present, in the application field of digital printing, in addition to Graphic Express Printing, on-demand publishing and printing, image printing, personalized direct mail printing, and large enterprise entry services have become four new hot spots and opportunities for development

1. Graphic fast printing: the development of digital printing machine has promoted the rapid development of graphic fast printing industry. The development of graphic fast printing industry has also promoted the continuous improvement of digital printing machine technology. The two complement each other and promote each other's development. Nowadays, it is difficult to find offset printing machines and plate making equipment in the Graphic Express Printing stores. They have gradually stepped out of the exploration area and are moving towards unification, standardization and standardization. The comprehensive Graphic Express Printing shop integrating color digital printing, black-and-white digital printing, digital ink-jet printing, color laser printing, engineering drawing copying, graphic design and binding production is the last winner of Phoenix, which is more and more respected by the market

2. Printing on demand: with the change of the public's consumption view, the demand for printed materials is also becoming more diversified. The printing business has developed from the pursuit of small cost in large quantities to the direction of small quantities, multiple varieties and personalization. Digital printing can print different personalized contents, such as the names of different invitation cards, such plastic granulator equipment with customer names, which seriously pollutes the environment, direct mail letters, variable bar code printing, etc., which can not be realized by traditional offset printing. It is this characteristic of digital printing that meets the different printing needs of the public, promotes the development of digital printing, and enriches and changes people's lives at the same time

3. Image printing: while the global traditional printing industry shows a downward trend, the development of digital printing in the world is booming. Advanced digital printing technology has created a new printing product experience and diversified image product solutions for consumers. With the rapid popularization of digital technology, digital cameras have flown into the homes of ordinary people, making digital photos richer. Digital printing technology has further developed and matured, especially the optimization of e-commerce environment, making personalized prints a reality. Therefore, making personalized prints is becoming more and more popular

4. Personalized direct mail printing: facing the huge potential of the direct mail printing market, more and more digital printing enterprises are participating in the competition in the direct mail printing market to tap the business opportunities of digital printing and promote the development of personalized printing. In fact, the real selling point of direct mail printing is personalized variable data printing. Direct mail printing with personalized variable data is very common in foreign countries and not many in China, but its market potential is huge. At present, there are few personalized direct mail advertisements in China. General enterprises only design and print some popular publicity materials, and do not adopt different schemes for different target customers

5. Large enterprise entry service: resident service, that is, digital printing enterprises, digital printing equipment suppliers or third-party service providers provide equipment for customers who do not have equipment, lack personnel and have high confidentiality of data, and provide them with professional technical personnel according to actual needs to assist them in file management and 3D printing. The bottleneck of current 3D printing is that they cannot meet a large number of needs, The customer only needs to provide space for the stationed equipment

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