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The five packaging and printing industries in the future market are expected to develop.

according to the prediction of professionals in the industry, the five packaging and printing industries in the future market are expected to develop. Decoration printing should consolidate and give play to the existing lithographic printing capacity, compress relief printing, appropriately increase the proportion of special printing such as gravure printing, silk printing and flexographic printing, encourage the development of various forms of anti-counterfeiting printing, properly combine printing means, improve the comprehensive supporting level of subsequent processes, and gradually realize the computerization of design, plate making and desktop systematization, high-speed automation of printing color separation, linkage of die cutting and forming The post process products are diversified

paper packaging products focus on the development of high-grade cartons, cartons and new paper containers with low gram weight, high strength and light weight, as well as color printing cartons, die-cutting molding cartons, seven layer corrugated cardboard heavy-duty packaging boxes, etc. The main products are standardized, serialized, multi variety, multi base material and multi-purpose. On the premise of continuously reducing energy consumption and pollution, the tin can making industry is developing towards high-grade, multi variety and deep processing to adapt to the international trend. Thin high-strength plates and chromium plated plates are widely used; Develop various interior coatings with different characteristics; It can develop bottle cap products with various forms, easy to open, anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft functions. Adhesive tapes should actively develop electronic and stable tank conditions. 43 projects throughout the year to achieve industrial production scheduling are the necessary conditions for real-time data collection and output of experimental machines using data collection cards for low iron and aluminum production. Various special tapes used in aviation, automobile, medical and other industries should be developed to save energy and solvent. Anodized hot stamping foil can be developed into packaging and printing, leather, plastic and other supporting products, and can also be used to develop new materials such as laser anti-counterfeiting, laser rainbow film and so on

Chinese Name: ABS plastic

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