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Klaus Maffei Germany Plastics Exhibition has launched 5 new injection molding machines

g attaches great importance to the harmony between enterprises and society; It is a cleaner production demonstration enterprise and garden unit in Shanghai; As a "technological innovation demonstration enterprise" recognized by the government, rouse mafi recently announced that the company will launch a new injection molding machine, expand the injection molding portfolio, and make it more powerful, energy-saving and multifunctional

Klaus mafi has added two new injection molding machines for its ax all electric injection molding series, with clamping forces of 4500kN and 5500kN respectively. GX hydraulic mechanical double platen injection molding machine series has added three new machines, namely gxh, GXL and gxv, which can provide a perfect platform for multi-component injection molding. Its new integrated rotary table and electric servo drive unit ensure high-speed circulation, parallel movement and precise positioning

jochenmitzler, manager of product strategy management department of rouse mafi, said that based on the increasing market demand for all electric injection molding machines with large clamping power, the company has developed ax450 and ax550 injection molding machines. Hansulrichgolz, President of the group's injection molding machine department, added: "as customers' demand for high-performance, energy-efficient and space saving solutions continues to increase, we continue to expand and develop our extensive all electric and hydraulic phase 1 project, which was successfully pilot produced in July this year and the combination of hybrid injection molding machines."

it is reported that the five new injection molding machines introduced by Klaus mafi will be exhibited in the upcoming fakuma

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