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On September, the BIHD · North 1. Do not click the "run" experimental button before opening the experiment. The Beijing interior decoration and Design Expo and smart cloud habitat life festival were grandly held in Beijing · China International Exhibition Center. With Beijing as the center, it radiates and gathers a large number of top resources in the industry, with strong design force support + well-known brand gathering + media momentum

in combination with the demands, the exhibition planning and design professional courses were trained. Huangzhida, laiyanan, mengye, qihonghai, guolili and other well-known designers in various fields were specially invited to give lectures in the forum area of hall E1 on the problems encountered in the design

how deep is the customized routine of private residence

how to see and touch the design

do you have any ideas about the proliferation of soft clothes


9.27 afternoon private house design training: huangzhida and Meng ye

9.28 morning lighting design training: qihonghai

9.28 afternoon soft decoration design training: laiyanan and guolili

- private house design training -

lectures: huangzhida and Meng ye

character cards | Huang Zhida

rwd founder

works of Mr. huangzhida it will always convey the cultural heritage of international fashion and tradition, Like flowing clouds and flowing water, it is full of tranquility and elegance. He believes that the design should first meet the use needs, and then use artistic means to carry out spatial layout

"if we can complete the design naturally, or make it similar to leaving no trace, I think it should be the highest challenge for designers. This trace is to make innovation with heart."

adhering to this original design intention, he and his team have won many design awards at home and abroad, including gold key awards in the United States, a'design awards in Italy, German design awards in Germany, the most influential Design Award in Asia, APIDA Asia Pacific region, etc

representative work Luneng No. 7 sales center

business card of personage

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