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Five precautions for correct installation and commissioning of CNC bending machine dies

CNC bending machine is one of forging machines, which mainly functions in the metal processing industry. The NC bending machine mold is composed of many parts, so the equipment status must be checked during installation, and the steps must be strictly followed. At the same time, pay attention to safety during installation and commissioning, and the installation and commissioning process of NC bending machine mold. Then, during the installation and debugging of the NC bending machine mold, the steel hammer electronic universal experimental machine is specially designed and developed according to the mechanical property test of the steel hammer. What should be paid attention to? Electronic tensile machines are increasingly appearing in the laboratories of plastic injection molding and extrusion manufacturers today

1. Before installation, the performance of the machine must be adjusted first. This process must be patient and careful. Check whether the machine has dust and used iron debris, and carry out necessary cleaning to reduce the trouble in the later stage

2. For the adjustment of slider stroke, pay attention to check the thickness of the mold and whether the proportion of the upper and lower modules is normal. Normally, the module should be controlled at the switch point of the stroke line. This is something that researchers must pay attention to when placing a 4 mg round cake like 3-D graphene material in the vacuum tube

3. Adjust the travel module, that is, adjust the upper limit point of the module. When the module goes up to the highest point, set the switch and reserve the stay position of the slider. At the same time, when it goes down, the deceleration module should also be carried out to better protect the machine and mold

4. The gap adjustment is mainly to measure the distance between the upper module and the lower module. We can know the force by measuring the change of output voltage. The specific gap setting is determined according to the folded plate

5. Angle adjustment. The adjustment of this angle has a certain relationship with the product. Generally speaking, if the mold is folded by 90 °, the middle angle must be greater than the angle on both sides. Then its tightness can be adjusted according to the adjusting screw. During bending, the pressure can be adjusted through the pressure gauge to avoid die edge collapse

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