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Datang Telecom and Kunming municipal government signed a strategic cooperation agreement

on November 4, Datang Telecom and Kunming Municipal People's government signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Chenggong District Management Committee, officially establishing a strategic partnership between the two sides to build a smart city model, integrate into the national the Belt and Road strategy, and jointly promote the sustainable and healthy development of the network economy. Wang Xiliang, mayor of Kunming Municipal People's government, Chen Xiaonan, vice mayor, and Yin Xudong, Secretary of Chenggong district Party committee, and Wang Pengfei, President of Telecom, and Feng Yi, executive vice president, attended the signing ceremony together with the experimental machine system such as Datang

Kunming is the core area facing the radiation center of Southeast Asia and South Asia, an important strategic gateway of the the Belt and Road, and the hub of the eight inbound and four outbound railway channels. The top-level design of Kunming smart city clearly proposes to strive to build a domestic model of innovative smart city development through three years of efforts. At the same time, the smart city (phase I) project in Kunming has won the third batch of national PPP demonstration projects, and the mechanical properties are more important than other physical properties. Relying on its advantages in integrated circuit design, intelligent terminal design, software and application, and mobile Internet, Datang Telecom will carry out extensive technical exchanges, talent training, qualification application, market development and other cooperation with the Kunming people's Government in the fields of participating in the construction of Kunming smart city, preparing to build Datang Yunnan Smart City Research Institute, jointly building Kunming big data, artificial intelligence industry fund, etc, Help Kunming Municipal People's government to build a smart city PPP national demonstration project, serve local mass entrepreneurship and innovation, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and enhance the hard power of Kunming's high-tech industry development

in the future, the two sides will focus on Smart City, citizen all-in-one card, three-dimensional security (safe city + smart community), smart transportation, smart tourism, urban operation service center and other fields under such a background, pay close attention to the two main lines of investment and project cooperation, jointly expand the market, and jointly create new industrial growth points

Datang Telecom has been deeply engaged in the construction of information benefiting the people based on smart cities for many years. In the current Internet + situation, the company actively promotes the integration and innovation of the new generation of information technology represented by cloud computing, IOT and big data with the government's projects to benefit the people that can be used for tensile test, stress test and bending test, promotes the improvement of public service level and equal universal access, and actively explores the new mechanism and new mode of informatization to optimize the allocation of public resources, and innovate social management and public services. The cooperation between Datang Telecom and Kunming Municipal People's government is in line with the national strategy of benefiting the people with information and promoting industry with information, and has a significant pulling effect on the upstream technology and products of the company, which is conducive to further consolidating the industrial foundation of the company in the southwest region and consolidating the leading position of the company in the relevant markets in the southwest region

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