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Preparation work before the implementation of MES system - data entry

nowadays, as a core function module, MES system is favored by more and more manufacturing enterprises. In the process of introducing MES system, the preparation before implementation is a very critical and often neglected link. Especially the early data entry will directly affect the follow-up work. Therefore, data preparation is a necessary lesson for enterprises to implement MES system. The following is a brief introduction to the main data required by the MES system

1. Product BOM

is mainly divided into EBOM (Design) and MBOM (Manufacturing). EBOM reflects the product composition structure and can be used to generate material requirement plans. MBOM reflects the manufacturing process of products and can be used to generate operation plans and guide actual production operations. EBOM comes from the EBOM tree of PDM. The import methods can be divided into tight integration and non tight integration. PDM of the former connects directly with MES, and uses the integration interface to import the required data. It is easy to use, but the development volume is large, and the two systems affect each other. If the system is upgraded in the future, it may affect the integration. The latter is exported from PDM to generate intermediate files, and then imported into MES to generate BOM tree. Without this experiment, any direct data exchange between the two systems can be carried out at a lower temperature, which is relatively easy to develop; Even if the system is upgraded in the future, as long as the imported and exported data format remains unchanged, it will not affect the system operation, so it is also adopted by many enterprises. A separate MBOM tree (some even have planning BOM, purchase BOM, process bom, etc.) can be established in PDM. The same set of drawings and process documents are used with EBOM, but the composition structure of nodes is different, which ensures the uniqueness of EBOM and MBOM data sources

establishing MBOM in other systems involves the synchronous maintenance of data, which is labor-intensive and error prone. Many enterprises have no special MBOM but only EBOM. A relatively simple way can be considered in MES: according to EBOM, the system automatically reads the process documents and establishes MBOM. In most cases, it can basically meet the use needs, which is a low-cost implementation method. When BOM is imported into MES from PDM, some node attributes (such as self-made, purchased, and outsourced) also need to be imported at the same time

2. Financial data

financial data can be imported into MES to calculate production costs. From the experience of many enterprises in implementing informatization projects, data has a great impact on the success of projects. It is not uncommon for projects to fail or even fail because of data problems. Therefore, it is necessary to plan and prepare data at the beginning of project construction In the process document

MES, the turnover system between processes is automatically completed. The basis of sequence transfer is the process flow, which is the basis of MES operation. Generally, the process flow of process oriented enterprises is relatively fixed and the number is small, which can be directly created in MES. There are many kinds of discrete manufacturing enterprises, and there are many process flows. The creation workload in the system is too large and it is repetitive labor (process documents already exist), which can be imported through process documents

in addition to the process flow, there should also be equipment, man hours and other information in the process documents. Equipment information can be used to assign man hours to specify equipment. Man hours can be used to measure workload and also the basis for calculating production scheduling. The system's automatic scheduling requires high accuracy and integrity of man hours, otherwise the scheduling result is inaccurate. The operation names in the process flow generally require standardization, so that the system can automatically dispatch work according to the operation, calculate and evaluate the operation capacity, and define the attributes of the operation

the inconsistency of process names will bring difficulties to the system operation. If the workload of modifying all process documents is too large, a more convenient method can be adopted: establish a comparison table between the old and new process names in the system, which will be automatically analyzed by the system

4. Production plans and inventory data

production plans are generally generated in ERP, imported into MES through the integration interface for execution, and then returned to ERP after completion. If there is no ERP, the production plan can also be directly generated in MES. MES can be integrated with the material inventory management system. When the plan is generated, it can automatically read the inventory data and deduct the available quantity. At the same time, it can guide the on-site operation and batching

5. Complete list of materials

materials at present, researchers at home and abroad mainly use environmental pretreatment and environmental simulation test to study the impact of environmental effects. Complete set is a difficulty in the production management of assembly enterprises, which needs to be considered in MES. The bill of materials is the basis for a complete set, which should not only reflect the product composition, but also consider the actual production process, that is, according to the production process, the ingredients can reach the process. BOM can be automatically generated by MBOM, imported in process file, or imported in the form of BOM file

6. Drawings and other technical documents

in order to reduce costs and the needs of technology and process, many enterprises hope to realize paperless production. Paper drawings, process and other documents are no longer used in the production process. All documents are read in MES. At this time, the documents need to be imported into MES

7. DNC system data

information such as equipment, NC program and task completion in DNC system can be imported into MES, and MES can import production task information into DNC

8. Ordering data

ordering data generally comes from the sales department, which can be imported into MES by CRM system or entered manually

with the foreshadowing of the above preliminary data, it has laid a solid foundation for enterprises to implement MES projects. As a leading provider of overall solutions for smart factories, Eason information has rich experience in the implementation of MES projects. In view of the problems encountered by manufacturing enterprises in the implementation of MES projects, we have a relatively mature industry. 13. Relative error of displacement indication: within ± 0.5% of the indication, I want to share my experience with you. In addition, we have always insisted on starting from the strategic drivers of the enterprise, combined with the current situation of the enterprise, to determine the strategy of enterprise intelligent manufacturing, so as to design detailed intelligent solutions to help it achieve transformation and upgrading

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