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Dao Tuo Futures Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries set up a data center in Hong Kong

Dao also has its subsequent use of capital qiantuo Futures Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries set up a data center in Hong Kong as a strategic stronghold and overseas support center for its overseas business

ctiforum 15. Tightening space: 600mm news on August 28 (Guo Jia): dot commodity, Inc., Japan's largest commodity futures broker, is pleased to announce that dot and its wholly-owned subsidiary market brokerage futures systems, Inc., hereinafter referred to as market systems, have established their first overseas data center in Hong Kong. The launch of the operation of the Hong Kong data center marks the establishment of dot and market systems' third data center for 2.2 phosphorus flame retardants to the global market, and the other two data centers are located in Tokyo. The Hong Kong Data Center will start operation on February 4, 2013. Customers such as futures brokers (FCM) and financial institutions, which are headquartered in Asia and intend to expand their business globally, will be able to use the new data center to provide convenience for customers through the new portal of Hong Kong, so that they can have 24-hour high-speed access to various global markets, such as the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group (CME Group), the European Intercontinental Exchange (ice Europe), the American Intercontinental Exchange (ice U.S.) Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) and Tokyo industrial products exchange (TOCOM)

dot began to expand to overseas markets in order to improve market competitiveness by releasing its internally developed multilingual front-end trading system in 2010, and released front-end trading and market connectivity solutions and provided brokerage and clearing services to institutional customers headquartered in Hong Kong and Asia in 2012. Dot's deployment of a new strategic portal in Hong Kong is mainly based on Hong Kong's important strategic position as the world's leading financial center. By operating the most advanced data centers outside Japan, dot will also strengthen its disaster recovery capabilities and develop business continuity plans for use in the event of unexpected disasters or service disruptions in Japan

Jin funada, President of Dow futures, said: one of our major advantages is that we can not only provide brokerage and clearing services for FCM and financial institutions, but also provide low latency, high reliability market connectivity and system solutions at competitive prices. In 2013, dot will strengthen market operation, provide comprehensive brokerage and system solutions for customers in Asia, and accelerate the promotion of our global business development plan

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