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In today's society, with the continuous updating of printer accuracy and color processing system, the printing quality has become increasingly perfect, but in the process of daily use, we will still encounter some unexpected, less perceptive but laborious problems, such as the consistency of image data

generally speaking, from image data acquisition to processing and modification, and finally to output, it needs to be transmitted and received by different equipment and software, so it is easy to cause data loss and change, which will bring us endless distress and trouble After years of continuous exploration and research, our company has finally found and understood some methods to deal with problems and tips to avoid problems. Now let me share with you:

first of all, we should specify a unified standard, that is, whether we use a digital camera or scanner to obtain the original image data, or a computer to receive, process and then transmit data, or the final output of a printer, we should adopt a unified transmission standard, In this way, data loss and change are avoided in the process of transmission and reception In the process of this exploration, we have introduced a colorimeter, which is a device that can establish a unified standard for each device in the process of image processing, so as to keep the image data consistent in the transmission process and ensure the data consistency

secondly, purchase the corresponding application software based on the color comparator, which can better mount the color processing curve and further ensure the data transmission under the unified standard

next, let's talk about the problem that men and women account for half of the consumables of the printer. On the premise of ensuring the quality of paper coating and ink, to have a good print output quality, we should consider environmental factors on a large scale (of course, the premise is that the cause of this kind of phenomenon caused by the print head is in good condition)

finally, I want to talk about the computer monitor, which we always feel has problems and don't pay attention to When the computer monitor is in a bad state, people always habitually lower the image to a comfortable state for their naked eyes. In this way, the bad display effect will deceive our eyes. Unconsciously, we have destroyed the original data of the image, so the printer cannot restore the expected effect. At this time, we often attribute the reason to the printer, That is to say, the printer has recited a lot of complaints and Curses for the monitor over the years, which is a countervail to our beloved printer here

don't say more about transmission control. What should be said has been said. The level of diction is at this level, and you can't say more if you want to. If you have any different opinions or suggestions, please give me more advice

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