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International Rubber and plastic Exhibition: Davies standard, the global leader of two advantageous products

high performance composite and extrusion coating system, Davies standard Co., Ltd. (booth: 5.1r01) focused on its new DS xflex pack extrusion coating technology and ultra compact medical pipeline system at China plas 2013 International Rubber and plastic exhibition

the new DS xflex pack extrusion and coating production line can provide a high-value pre design system, thus helping customers occupy an obvious dominant position in the global soft package market with high price volatility. This production line can realize fast delivery (the delivery cycle is only 6 months), providing customers with the required production capacity and design flexibility to gain competitive advantage in emerging application fields. This kind of new 1. The types of bulk chemical raw materials commonly used in China's chemical market have increased in turn. The market covers the product fields of salty snack food and noodle packaging bags, toothpaste tubes, personal care product sample packaging bags, condiment packaging and storage bags. There are two modes of extrusion coating production line to choose from, which are applicable to the requirements of different plant areas

ultra compact medical pipeline system is an upgraded version of Davis standard medical pipeline system widely used in the industry. Davis standard optimized the original system in terms of value and function. This product system has less pollution to the workshop floor, uses a specific language control system, and can achieve rapid delivery. In addition, due to the unique co extrusion arrangement structure of the system, the processing technology of polypropylene (PP), fluorinated ethylene propylene copolymer (FEP) and other polymer materials can be realized by changing the feeding screw. In addition, this production line also includes a melt pump for processing thermoplastic polyurethane (TPE) and nylon. This pipeline system is applicable to single cavity pipe, multi cavity pipe, IV conduit, corrugated drainage system pipe, integrated concave convex pipe and multi-layer pipe

participate in the carbon and nitrogen cycle of the ecosystem

from this summer, customers can make an appointment to try out the ultra compact medical pipeline system at Davis standard's production plant in Suzhou, China. In addition, Davis standard also supplies a special medical pipeline for product research and development for the technology center located in pawcatuck, Connecticut

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