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Daqing Petrochemical plastic factory produces special materials for users

recently, in the finished product packaging line of Daqing Petrochemical plastic factory, a batch of 500 tons of chlorinated polyethylene resin ql-505p with the same purpose and similar performance. 1. Operating procedures of simply supported beam impact testing machine. The new product ql-515p was successfully offline

a few years ago, the plastic factory successfully developed chlorinated poly 4.1. The number of cutting positions of samples should meet the requirements of technical conditions. Vinyl resin ql-505p is used to produce plastic steel doors and windows. After several years of large-scale production, the production technology of this product has matured and won the trust of users. The technical disability of the plastic factory is still too thin. During the visit and exchange with end users, the technicians learned that the similar products produced by a Korean enterprise have better processing performance, which can greatly reduce the production cost, but they are only provided to fixed users. In order to improve the market competitiveness, the customer took the initiative to ask for help from the technicians of the plastic factory

the plastic factory is in urgent need of users. It studies the process formula, formulates the production plan, and starts to organize production on June 12. After the first production of more than 500 tons of ql-515p new finished products passes the user processing test, the plastic factory will optimize and adjust the parameters in the next production according to its performance indicators

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