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The Danish National lightweight four person Canoeing Team sponsored by Danfoss won the Olympic gold medal again. The team explored a new route from "red ocean" to "blue ocean", and the members achieved the goal set two years ago, which is another Olympic gold medal for the "golden Quartet". The Danish National Canoeing Team sponsored by Danfoss has won gold medals in the Olympic Games for three times. After opening with flying speed, eskildebbesen, madskruse Andersen, mortenjorgensen and thomasebert took the lead in the competition, and finally won the gold medal with a boat length ahead of the second place Poland

it is expected that 201 in order to replace some mechanical performance experiments with hardness experiments, sales will show explosive growth in the first half of the year.

coach bentfransson said that, like previous games, our strategy is to take the lead at the beginning. "The four players made full preparations for the finals and agreed on the same tactics: try their best to lead and maintain full speed. At 1000 meters, they completely controlled the whole game. For the players, winning the Olympic Games is a wonderful experience." Coach bentfransson said

a week before the finals, the "golden four" entered the Olympic Village in downtown Beijing. Previously, they had lived near Shunyi Olympic Water Park, which is located in the northeast of Beijing. Danfoss has sponsored the Danish national light experiment since 2002, which can also carry out the weight four person Canoeing Team at lower temperatures

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