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Dazu high tech Zone has done a good job in "high" and "new" articles to create a smart technology new city

since its establishment in 2013, Chongqing Dazu high tech Industrial Development Zone (hereinafter referred to as "Dazu high tech Zone") has become an industrial new city suitable for living and quoting $312.8 million

from the three-year report card, Dazu high tech Zone has performed very well: a total of 5 vulnerable parts: 99 industrial projects of sheet metal production, R & D and service, with a total investment of more than 16.5 billion yuan. After reaching the production capacity, it can achieve an output value of nearly 30 billion yuan and a tax of 480 million yuan. More than 50 contracted projects have been started or settled, of which 39 enterprises have been put into operation or settled in operation, and 8 enterprises have declared above the designated size. In the first quarter of this year alone, 22 projects with more than 50million yuan were introduced

the key is its internal structure. It is dominated by three high-tech industries: intelligent equipment, electronic information and biomedicine. It introduces leading enterprises in the field of high-tech at home and abroad, and is a real "tall and high" park

"our goal is to build Dazu high tech Zone into a nationally renowned smart technology new city." The person in charge of the park said

At the beginning of this year, Dazu district held a centralized signing ceremony, and 16 projects were signed, with a total investment of 15 billion yuan, involving general aviation industrial park, intelligent and glass cover, CNC processing center manufacturing, etc., achieving a "good start" in attracting investment in the new year. Dazu high tech Zone accounts for 10 projects, with a total investment of about 2.2 billion yuan

last month, Dazu high tech Zone added "new forces" to sign the production project of Shunde electronic core parts and the R & D and production project of Hongzhi new electrical equipment...

under such fierce competition, it is no accident that so many enterprises favor Dazu high tech Zone

"in the process of attracting investment, we focus on high-tech enterprises, highlighting the three factors of 'platform, cluster and market'." The person in charge of the park said

first of all, adhere to the cluster investment attraction, establish the target database of investment attraction projects around the industries such as intelligent equipment and modern automobile and motorcycle, and carry out investment attraction by adopting the ideas of "complete machine + supporting", "R & D, incubation, industry and service integration". On this basis, build the city's intelligent equipment industry base, environmental protection equipment industry base, special equipment industry demonstration park, etc., and provide a professional undertaking platform for enterprises to land

at the same time, rely on enterprises to attract business. The formation path of the elevator industry in the park can reveal the uniqueness of its investment attraction mode

in 2014, Fuji Elevator settled in Dazu high tech Zone, where it realized a major technological transformation project of Fuji Elevator; Aoling elevator followed closely, with a total investment of 400million yuan; Watson elevator and Schmidt elevator settled in a cluster... The most distinctive elevator industry cluster in the city was formed, and was awarded the title of "special equipment demonstration park" by the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision

"it can be said that the enterprise took the initiative to help us introduce this industry." The person in charge said that after Fuji Elevator settled in, because it agreed with the development concept, construction grade and service quality of Dazu high tech Zone, it took the initiative to help it introduce the aoling elevator accessories project, and then aoling brought Schmidt, Watson, etc

the recognition of enterprises is the best public praise. The park has introduced nearly one-third of enterprises through business invitation, forming a virtuous circle

at present, the park has introduced 39 CNC machine tool, robot and automation integrated production and R & D enterprises with a total investment of 6.5 billion yuan, and 25 automobile and motorcycle complete vehicle and parts enterprises with a total investment of 4 billion yuan. Two 10 billion level industrial clusters, intelligent equipment and modern automobile and motorcycle, have begun to take shape

build a scientific research platform and install a smart "brain" for the park.

at the beginning of this year, the 126 meter high elevator test tower built by Schmidt company was officially capped and put into use in Dazu high tech Zone. Therefore, the company will obtain the production qualification of ultra-high speed box elevator with lifting speed of 8 meters per second

the smooth progress of this project is inseparable from the scientific research platform built in the park. "We have adopted the technology of Harbin Institute of technology to carry out technical cooperation with institutions such as the Institute of Optics and mechanics subordinate to the Academy of heavy Sciences, realizing the transformation of scientific research and industrialization in the park." The person in charge of the company said

as Dazu high tech park, Dazu has used a lot of brains in the construction of the park: "we have installed a smart 'brain' for the park." The person in charge of the park said, "attracting investment and intelligence are synchronized, and there is intellectual support behind every industry."

at the beginning of the construction of the park, the zone prepared plans with high standards, and clearly focused on the goal of developing Dazu into a nationally renowned smart technology new city, and accelerated the establishment of a national high-tech zone by creating an efficient and innovative platform

the park takes the introduction of scientific research institutions as the basis for the construction of Dazu high tech park. At present, scientific research platforms such as the first comprehensive environmental protection industrial base of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the heavy Intelligent Equipment Research Institute Co., Ltd. of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the heavy Intelligent Robot Research Institute Co., Ltd. of Chongqing University of Posts and telecommunications have been introduced.

because these scientific research institutions are settled, related enterprises that send sub projects are also closely followed. 5. Working procedures and main work contents of environmental impact assessment. Dazu high tech Zone took the opportunity to introduce science and technology enterprises such as robotell, hande high tech, sunflower robot, Harbin Institute of technology robot, etc., and formed a whole industry chain from research and development to market through benign interaction with scientific research institutions

at the same time, Dazu high tech Zone has invested 500million yuan to start the construction of a 150000 square meter scientific and technological innovation center and a 100000 square meter robot industry Incubation Park, so as to prepare an innovation platform for the industry to settle in advance

the park also actively builds a library of high-tech enterprises in Dazu high tech Zone, and encourages settled enterprises to make full use of innovation resources and improve their innovation ability by carrying out innovation forums, Internet + action and other measures. At present, the number of technology-based enterprise libraries has exceeded 50% in the high-tech zone, where the entry of enterprises in high-tech zone is almost minus two curved spaces. More than 10 enterprises including aoling industry and trade and robotell robot are actively applying for national high-tech enterprises

service innovation has become an "accelerator" for enterprises to create a "high-tech" speed.

construction began in January and was put into production in December of that year. Zuo Zhicheng, the person in charge of Dalong Yufeng motorcycle, said that the "high-tech" speed of Dazu high tech Zone gave him a head start in the market

this is not his feeling alone. The "high-tech" speed of Dazu high tech Zone is its "killer mace" to win enterprises

"because we have advantages in system and mechanism." The person in charge of the park said that the implementation of the "Park Town integration" system in the park ensures that the construction of the park can be promoted rapidly and the resources can be effectively integrated, laying a good foundation for the integrated development of the park and Wangu town

at the same time, a closed operation mechanism is implemented in the park, all the funds involved in the construction of the park are guaranteed, and all the procedures involved in enterprises are completed in the high-tech zone. On this basis, the park implements the whole process agency service, and the enterprises in the park handle the procedures of industrial and commercial registration, tax registration, scheme design, construction procedures, etc. only by submitting the materials to the management committee, the management committee will help them handle them. In addition to handling the formalities, the Management Committee of Dazu high tech Zone also establishes a working group for each settled enterprise. Any difficulties and problems encountered by the enterprise in the process of project construction can be reported to the leaders in charge of the park and the working group

a good development environment is also the "accelerator" of enterprise development. In the first quarter of this year, the park has visited 87 enterprises, followed up 55, and talked about 51 projects, many of which took the initiative to recommend themselves. "We will highlight 'high, new and large' projects, and continue to recruit 'high' businesses and introduce 'new' enterprises." The person in charge of the park said. His confidence also comes from active private capital investment. Since last year, the total private investment in Dazu district has exceeded 40billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 24.01%. Most of the capital has been invested in Dazu high tech Zone

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