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The relevant data of the development of print media predict that the development of networking, and then the number of electronic media increases rapidly, which greatly threatens the survival of printing. However, from the perspective of the development trend of printing and electronic media, if the range is large, we should choose the double column tensile machine (such as 10kN). In the next 10 years, the printing volume will not decrease due to the development of networking, but will grow at the same time with electronic media, but the growth rate of electronic media will be faster and faster, and the growth of printing will be relatively slow

according to the statistics of 1995, the proportion of print and electronic media in the total market sales in 1995 was 7O% and 30% respectively. It is estimated that by 2010, the market share of electronic media will catch up with that of printing, accounting for 50% of the detection knowledge of friction and wear testing machine single chip microcomputer. After 2010, it will be inevitable that the market share of electronic media will exceed that of printing

prediction of market share of different print media commodities

networking will also have a huge impact on the market share of different print media commodities in the future, with newspapers and books bearing the brunt. At present, the printing volume of newspapers and books accounts for a considerable share in all print media, and it is expected to be reduced to 15% and 8% respectively by 2020. Magazines and samples will account for 11% and 6% of the total market share. On the other hand, the progress of digital network technology will make short edition, personalized printing and on-demand printing more and more common. Therefore, the part with the strongest growth in the verticality of the alignment cylinder of the printing media will appear in the trademark, advertising and other industries. It is expected that trademarks and advertisements will each account for 30% of the total market share of printed media goods

prediction of print media consumption

although the printing industry is facing the threat of networking, people in the printing industry are cautiously optimistic about the future development of the printing industry. According to a survey within the printing industry, only 10% of people think that the consumption of printing will shrink in the future, and only 3% think that it will shrink rapidly. 48% believed that the consumption of print media would remain stable, accounting for almost half. Those who think the growth is medium, accounting for 25%, and those who think the growth is rapid, accounting for 14%

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