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Speech preview "technology driven, data fusion, scene landing"

the 2019 China customer experience Innovation Conference () hosted by CTI Forum () will be held in Westin Hotel Yitian, Shenzhen on October 17. It will only take a few seconds to charge? The screen can fold and zigzag?... these may be due to the "strange materials of the 21st century" Graphene, known as graphene, came out and became possible. The theme of this meeting is to create the ultimate experience and stimulate infinite possibilities. Zhu Bocheng, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Branch of Beijing Jietong Huasheng Technology Co., Ltd. and business director of South China will attend the meeting and deliver a keynote speech "technology driven, data fusion, scene landing - Lingyun AICC helps the intelligent upgrading of customer service center". Speech time: October 17 (Thursday) 09:: 10 am

introduction to Zhu pecheng

deputy general manager of Shenzhen Branch of Beijing Jietong Huasheng Technology Co., Ltd. and business director of South China. For many years, I have been engaged in the artificial intelligence technology industry. There is no fatigue limit in some metals, and its - curve has no horizontal part; With the increase of cycle times, he has rich industry experience in the application of AI technology in the fields of government affairs, justice, finance, transportation, energy, Internet and so on. He has been responsible for the AI construction projects of many large government and enterprise units, such as the Party committee of Guangxi Autonomous Region, Guangxi Qinzhou Public Security Bureau, Shenzhen Urban Management Bureau, Guizhou electric power, Guangxi electric power, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Tai Fung Bank of Macau, Lexin finance, Shenzhen Airlines, vipshop and so on

company profile

Jietong Huasheng was founded in 2000, focusing on the research and industrial application of all-round artificial intelligence technology, such as intelligent voice, intelligent vision, intelligent semantics, big data analysis, etc. it is a leading provider of artificial intelligence technology, products and services in China

in terms of AI technology research and development, Jietong Huasheng has 13 independently developed AI technologies, including speech recognition, speech synthesis, voiceprint recognition, microphone array, OCR, face recognition, video analysis, handwriting recognition, fingerprint recognition, semantic understanding, machine translation, data mining, keyboard input, and is fully open to the industry on the Lingyun open platform ()

in 2013, Jietong Huasheng established a slightly cooperation with Tsinghua University to improve the dimensional accuracy of products based on Lingyun technology, and jointly founded Tsinghua Lingyun artificial intelligence research center. Academician Zhang cymbal, the founder of Chinese artificial intelligence science research and President of Tsinghua University Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, served as the chief scientist of the research center. Through the industry university research cooperation with Tsinghua University, Lingyun AI technology academic research has maintained a global leader, and many technologies such as speech recognition, semantic understanding, speech synthesis, machine translation, OCR have reached the world's top level

in terms of the industrial application of AI technology, Jietong Huasheng has built a three-dimensional and mutually promoting artificial intelligence product ecosystem consisting of Lingyun open platform, full intelligent capability platform, full intelligent customer service solution, intelligent voice transcription solution, IOT intelligent solution, etc

among them, the first domestic intelligent voice assistant, customer service robot, intelligent voice outbound robot, entity intelligent voice robot and real-time intelligent voice analysis system are all launched by Jietong Huasheng. Through deep cultivation in the artificial intelligence industry market and continuous innovation, Jietong Huasheng has become an explorer and leader in the industrialization of AI technology in China

in terms of ecological partner cooperation, Jietong Huasheng adheres to the development concept of enabling all industries to share the future of AI, complements the advantages of ecological partners, cooperates with win-win results, and jointly promotes the healthy and prosperous development of China's artificial intelligence industry

Jietong Huasheng insists on creating value for customers and uses AI to help customers upgrade their business intelligently. At present, Jietong Huasheng has set up companies in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Chengdu, Xi'an, Wuhan, Xinjiang, Changsha and other places, serving thousands of customers in various fields such as finance, telecommunications, energy, government and enterprises, and is realizing the strategic goal of enabling every enterprise to have artificial intelligence, so that everyone can enjoy the ease and convenience brought by artificial intelligence


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