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The spot price and dynamic analysis of the Asian market on October 23 - acrylonitrile

the market price on October 23: the spot price is negotiated in USD/ton (CFR China's main port), which is basically flat compared with last week, but can be combined with it; Asahi Kasei 1920 dollars/ton (CFR China's main port), Taiwan's Sinopec 1900 dollars/ton (CFR China's new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change is poised to launch the country's main port)

Asahi Kasei Co., Ltd., the largest acrylonitrile supplier in Asia, issued a shipping quotation of US $1920/ton (CFR Far East) in November, which continued to rise by US $40/ton compared with last month; In addition, the quotations of suppliers in the United States and Europe show no signs of slackening, and the recovery rate of domestic packaging paper (carton board, corrugated, white paperboard) is about 70%. It can be seen that most foreign suppliers still quote higher prices at present, because the supply of external goods is still tight at present

the spot price in the domestic market has fallen back to around 19000 yuan/ton (delivered), so for import traders, it is risky to purchase goods and build warehouses now in the case of high external market. Therefore, for several weeks in a row, the external market negotiations are still cold. Downstream, the acrylic fiber industry continues to face difficulties, and the implementation of production reduction is still a decision recognized by Qijia, which has caused the domestic price of acrylonitrile to begin to fall

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