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Hot spots: development strategy of international mining machinery manufacturing industry in 2010

in the 21st century, oncolortm brilliant metal effect colorant in mining machinery industry is oncolor FX special effect colorant launched by PolyOne in Asia, and new members of the printed plastic product family have entered an unprecedented stage of high-speed development. Developed countries attach importance to the development of equipment manufacturing industry, which not only takes the lead in the proportion, accumulation, employment and contribution of their own industries, but also lies in the fact that equipment manufacturing industry provides an important material basis for the development and production of new technologies and new products. It is an indispensable strategic industry for modern economy. Even industrialized countries that are marching into the "information society" attach great importance to the development of mining machinery manufacturing industry

global scale production has become the mainstream of the development of major multinational companies. While constantly combining and restructuring to expand their competitive strength, major enterprises have also strengthened their investment and R & D in their main businesses, and continuously improved the system's complete set capacity and personalized, diversified market adaptability

Chinese mining machinery industry enterprises have made a qualitative leap in production capacity, scale, economic strength, product technology, management level and other aspects, and have made rapid progress in the international market. However, in the process of development, problems such as weak independent innovation ability, high external dependence of basic parts, relatively backward development of high-end product technology and weak market development ability have also accumulated. It is mainly reflected in the fact that the export market of mining machinery is mainly concentrated in the third world countries such as Asia and Africa, and the export products are mostly in the middle and low end. Although the high-end product markets in Europe and the United States have the brand products of Liugong and other enterprises, they are few. Compared with international famous crushing machinery manufacturers such as Caterpillar and Komatsu, there is more room for the improvement of crushing machinery products in China

with the further deepening of the adjustment of the global economic structure and the profound changes in the production mode and management mode of the mining machinery manufacturing industry, the key factor to occupy a favorable market has shifted from the price war to the research and development war. At present, the production sites of mining machinery and equipment with international high-end prices have been clearly different. In order to maximize development, developed countries continue to increase the intensity of industrial transfer. Tongling City issued the opinions of Tongling people's Government on establishing a working mechanism to promote the construction of copper based new material industry convergence and development base. Products with low added value in mechanical products are arranged to be produced in developing countries with potential market demand. In order to adapt to the changes in market demand, major manufacturers have taken professional production, "Single variety, large batch" has become a new feature of the production mode of many developed enterprises; At the same time, the production mode dominated by producers has gradually changed to the customized production mode dominated by consumers. Personalization of services has also become an important factor in the success or failure of competition

the biggest feature of the international mining machinery production network is the basic division of labor mode dominated by multinational companies and complemented by many suppliers. In this mode, the international competition of industry is divided into two levels: the first level is the competition between multinational companies, which is at the high end of the industrial chain and dominates the market development direction of the industry; The second level is the competition of many suppliers in the complementary division of labor market, which is at the low end of the industrial chain, and has cultivated a large number of "world processing plants" in the competition. The first level is the innovative competition of knowledge and technology, which is the competition to obtain higher benefits; The second level is the competition of scale, efficiency, quality, cost and price. It is subordinate to the first level and obtains low economic benefits in the competition

after gradually understanding the business strategies of foreign enterprises, Chinese enterprises have also become aware. In developing the international market, Shanghai Shibang Machinery Co., Ltd., a well-known domestic mining machinery brand, draws lessons from the business strategies of foreign developed countries, and based on good business philosophy and corporate reputation, continues to expand and occupy the market share of third world countries such as Asia and Africa. In the face of International well-known brands, Shanghai Shibang Machinery Co., Ltd. does not flinch, and gradually knocks on the door of the European and American international market with "innovative research and development strategy", becoming a well deserved industry leader. New projects developed by the enterprise: hydraulic driven crawler mobile crushing station, PFW European impact crusher, JC European impact crusher, vsi5x centrifugal impact crusher (new sand making machine), v.w high-grade stone shaping machine (new sand making machine), MTW European trapezoidal mill, LM vertical mill and other equipment. Because the performance of the equipment is at the same level as that of international 3, strengthening the R & D and promotion of bio based high molecular materials, Since the equipment sales, it has been favored by customers in the European and American markets

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