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The application of Solidworks in the design of spare wheel carrier

the spare wheel carrier of special vehicles for oil fields passes through, and the bolts are connected with the belt frame longitudinal beam and wing plate on the replacement force measuring piston, and one 15 is installed on both sides spare tire. According to the experience of traditional design, the solid parametric modeling, assembly, interference inspection and motion simulation of the spare wheel mount are carried out by using SolidWorks 3D design software. The key parts are analyzed by finite element method, and the optimized parts are generated into fully related 2D engineering drawings

1 parametric modeling

with the feature-based solid modeling function of solidwoiks, the three-dimensional solid parametric modeling of the spare wheel carrier (Fig. 1) is realized by stretching, rotating, scanning, lofting, shell pulling, rib, mirror image and drilling. The FeatureManager design tree on the left side of the solidworksi window provides an outline view of the part model, which completely records the design process. From it, you can understand the design idea, and it is convenient to view the generation of the part model. You can dynamically modify the part model by modifying the features and sketches. The zero adjustment of this kind of experimental machine must first start the oil pump

2 installation and dynamic simulation

after the model of each part of the spare wheel carrier is designed, use the assembly relationship to combine all parts into the spare wheel carrier assembly (Figure 2). After the assembly relationship is customized, the dimensional parameters and geometric shapes between parts and assembly assembly will be automatically and completely correlated. In the assembly environment, the company designs and modifies parts and components, and carries out cooperation processing between parts, such as cutting and punching of parts; It can dynamically view all the motions of the assembly and generate animation files from the motion process of the assembly; Dynamic interference inspection can be carried out on moving parts, and a list of interference parts names is provided on the same day, and the interference will be highlighted in the graphic area; Explosion views (Figure 3), mass attributes, section attributes, etc. can also be provided

3 finite element analysis

using cosmoxpress, a finite element analysis tool provided by SolidWorks, linear static analysis is used to calculate the stress in the part under the condition of satisfying the linear hypothesis and elastic hypothesis. Tetrahedral element train spare tire rack model is used for lattice division, and the size of the lattice can be determined according to needs. The smaller the lattice is, the more accurate the result is, but more computer resources and time are required

3. L finite element analysis of spare tire rack

according to the structure and working characteristics of the spare tire rack, carry out mechanical analysis, determine the boundary constraint conditions and load state, specify the material, constraint setting, loading, lattice division, and then solve and analyze

the main structure of spare wheel mount adopts ordinary carbon structural steel Q235-A, and the yield limit of the material σ S is above 235mpa. The safety factor is taken as 1.4, so the allowable stress is: =235/1.4=168mpa

when the vehicle is in emergency braking state, the spare tire rack will have the worst working condition. During the analysis, the 8 connecting holes at the lower end of the spare tire frame are restrained, and the braking inertia force is applied to the baffle of the spare tire frame. The maximum braking deceleration reference test data under this working condition is 6m/s2, so the braking inertia force should be: f=2 × m × a=2 × one hundred and eighty × 6=2160n, where m is the mass of the spare tire; A is the braking deceleration

the calculation results show that the maximum stress under this working condition is 50.6mpa (Figure 4), which is less than the allowable stress of the material, and is located at the connection between the stiffener plate at the bottom of the spare wheel carrier and the bottom plate. The maximum deformation is 0.26mm (Figure 5), which is located at the edge of the spare wheel mount baffle

3.2 optimization of spare wheel carrier

according to the lightweight design requirements, the spare wheel carrier designed according to the traditional design experience that graphene is one of the thinnest, most powerful and softest materials in the world in history has been optimized. Table 1 is the comparison table of material parameters in JGJ 133 (2) 001 technical specification for metal and stone curtain wall engineering before and after the optimization of spare wheel carrier. After adjusting the thickness of the plate, the changes of the main performance parameters of the spare tire rack are shown in Table 2. The results show that the optimization effect is very obvious. After optimization, the total mass of each spare tire rack is reduced by 35.5%. After optimization, the calculation results show that the maximum stress of the spare tire rack under emergency braking conditions is 147mpa (Figure 6), which is less than the allowable stress of the material and still meets the use requirements

3.3 calculation error analysis

the calculation error is mainly caused by two reasons

3.3.1 error caused by constraint type

the reason for this error is that SolidWorks software provides full degree of freedom constraints, which is somewhat different from the actual working conditions of parts. The calculated results are prone to stress concentration, resulting in the stress value of the parts where the stress concentration is greater than the actual value

3.3.2 error caused by establishing mechanical model

the main reason for this error is that the mechanical analysis of various working conditions is inconsistent with the actual situation. The error is often related to the requirements of calculation tasks, the limitations of calculation methods and other factors. This calculation is mainly to analyze the structure of the spare tire rack, with emphasis on static calculation. Although the calculation of dynamic working conditions such as emergency braking (applying inertia force) is also carried out, this is not completely the same as the complete dynamic analysis in terms of theoretical methods and means. Nevertheless, we still estimate the dynamic situation according to the results of static calculation. This paper adopts the dynamic load coefficient method commonly used in automobile design to realize the dynamic estimation

4 two dimensional engineering drawing

using solidworksi engineering drawing module, you can directly generate two-dimensional engineering drawings from flattering parts and convert them into AutoCAD drawings. The engineering drawings are fully related. When modifying the drawings, the three-dimensional models, various views and assemblies will be automatically updated. (end)

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