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Application of special light sources in the printing industry

in the printing process, special light sources can be used for UV curing of coatings on the surface of May 5, 2017, such as blueprint, color printing, paper packaging, decorative materials, printed cans, etc; It can also be used for printing and exposure of non silver salt film, diazonium salt film, film, resin version, PS version, etc. There are many products of special light sources, which are applied to different printing links according to their respective parameter characteristics. Here we introduce three special light sources: plate making, plate printing and light curing. Now let's enjoy their style together

I: plate making light sources

common plate making light sources are mainly divided into five categories. The first is incandescent lamp, infrared lamp and halogen tungsten lamp; The second kind is mercury lamp; The third kind is metal halide lamp; The fourth type is xenon lamp; The fifth type is plate making laser

II: printing light source

common printing light sources include: carbon lamp, high-pressure mercury lamp, hernia lamp, fluorescent lamp (cold light lamp), metal halogen lamp

III: UV curing light source

there are two types of light sources for UV hardening materials: electrode type UV light source (arcuv2. New biomaterial preparation technology lamp for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular surgery), electrodeless UV light source (electrode Les should evenly and low clamp the sample suvlamp in the whole length of the clamping part)

electrode type UV light source consists of a quartz tube. After vacuumizing, a certain amount of mercury is injected or filled with some special materials. An electrode is placed at both ends and sealed. The electrodes at both ends are then connected to the power supply with ceramic insulated wires or directly with metal connectors

the electrodeless UV light source is made of a quartz tube, which is vacuumized, injected with a certain amount of mercury or filled with some special materials, and then the cross-section of the component is gradually weakened and sealed. There is no electrode in the lamp tube. UV light is generated by microwave excitation of mercury or special materials in the lamp

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