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The application of solid2000 in the design of steady flow valve

steady flow valve is a very representative product. Its total number of parts is not large, but it contains the characteristics of many common machine parts. Its overall characteristics are simple appearance and complex lumen. This paper introduces the specific application of Xinzhou 3D solid2000 in the design of steady flow valve

I. enterprise background

Beijing Beifen Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. is subordinate to Beijing Beifen Ruili analytical instruments (Group) Co., Ltd. (formerly Beijing No. 2 optical instrument factory, which is the largest research and production base of spectral instruments in China, and also a high-tech enterprise integrating optics, machinery, electronics and Computing). It is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of analytical instruments

II. Product introduction

8321 series steady flow valve is designed for gas chromatograph. It is suitable for places in gas chromatograph that need to stabilize gas flow, and can also be used in similar occasions with the same use conditions

steady flow valve is a very representative product. Its total number of parts is not large, but it contains many common features of machine parts. Its overall characteristics are simple appearance and complex lumen. As shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2

Figure 1 General Assembly sectional view

figure common faults: sectional view of two valve bodies during tensile test

3. Application of Xinzhou 3D solid2000 in the design of steady flow valve

steady flow valve is the first product we use 3D software to design and draw. At first, we worried that there might be a lot of trouble in plotting, but after using Xinzhou 3D solid2000, we felt that it was easy to get started and easy to operate, and we could plot directly without other 2D software

or materials with significantly improved performance or new functions after the improvement of traditional materials, there are several characteristics that are very useful in the whole design process. Here I share with you

1. Endoscope function

there are many symmetrical and asymmetric holes in the inner cavity of the steady flow valve. If in the previous two-dimensional design state, it is easy to make mistakes in the direction and position of the holes when drawing the part drawing, and it is also easy to make mistakes when drawing the assembly drawing, because the direction of each part can only be determined by imagination

it is different in Xinzhou 3D solid2000 environment. When assembling, we can directly see the internal structure, and directly project the drawing. The projection relationship software automatically solves it, which saves us a lot of trouble

the assembly of the steady flow valve is basically carried out in its inner cavity. The internal parts can be installed only after the external valve body and valve seat are installed, so the valve body and valve seat will block our view during assembly. In this case, some 3D software adopts wireframe display method, which is difficult to distinguish because of many lines; Or use the sectioning view. If you need to make an auxiliary plane, and you can only observe it, you can't operate it, and you have to return to the general state to execute other commands. Xinzhou 3D solid2000 provides a very practical endoscopic function for this purpose

drag the button on the toolbar above the work area to start the endoscope function. The system automatically generates a plane parallel to the designer's perspective. Like CT scanning, the parts are cut layer by layer. The cutting depth is determined by the button position of the toolbar, and it can stop at any position. We can find the best section by rotating the assembly, so that the line of sight will not be blocked during the assembly process. As shown in Figure 3. In the endoscopic state, components can be operated arbitrarily, including feature modeling, modification and assembly constraints of parts

endoscope function is a patented technology of Xinzhou 3D solid2000, which is simple to operate, convenient to use, small function and great effect

figure III endoscope function

2. After the puzzle printing

engineering drawing is completed, it is also very fast to use Xinzhou 3D solid2000 to draw the drawing

click "jigsaw print" under the tool menu, customize the size of the paper, select all the drawings to be printed, and the system will automatically arrange the drawings according to the most paper-saving scheme, as shown in Figure 4. In order to make the display clear, only black wireframes are used to represent drawings and layouts of different sizes in jigsaw puzzle printing. Click the drawing and you can see the contents of the drawing from the preview of the engineering drawing on the right. The position of the drawing can be adjusted manually, and then the drawing can be printed at one time. The jigsaw puzzle scheme can also be saved to a file for next printing

previously, we used two-dimensional software to put multiple drawings together, but in a three-dimensional environment, drawings can only be printed one by one, which wastes paper and time, and the operator is prone to confusion. It is very inconvenient to check which drawings have been typed and which have not. The intelligent puzzle printing function frees us from these boring repetitive tasks, and we don't even need to do typesetting by ourselves. It is worth mentioning that our plotter is not in the same place as the design department, and the computer connected to the plotter does not have Xinzhou 3D solid2000 software installed. This puzzle printing scheme file can also be typed out

Figure 4 puzzle printing

3. Automatic import of information

this time, the contents of our product list, including the drawing title block and list, are automatically imported from the parts information in order to achieve the best experimental effect, which saves us a lot of work intensity and time, and is not easy to make mistakes

4. Model processing

in addition, we also use the model to generate a variety of rendering effects, explosion views, etc., as shown in Figure 5. Compared with drawing in a two-dimensional environment, we also need to ask professionals to produce a three-dimensional map, which is twice the result with half the effort

Figure 5 rendering effect

IV. application experience of Xinzhou 3D solid2000 software

using Xinzhou 3D solid2000 to design the steady flow valve, we feel the convenience of the 3D design software. The software can not only do 3D design, but also produce standardized drawings that fully comply with the national standard, which improves the design quality, saves the time from design to drawing, greatly reduces the chance of error, and can be very intuitive See the design results vividly. Moreover, Xinzhou 3D solid2000 is a three-dimensional software for domestic users. From standard parts to engineering drawing, it fully conforms to the national standard and is very easy to use. Its full Chinese interface and object-oriented operation mode are also very consistent with the operation habits of the majority of engineering designers in China. Personalized customization services provide practical work convenience for designers

in addition, these three-dimensional models can also provide a good data source for future CAE, cam, PDM, ERP and other projects, and create a basic platform for our enterprise informatization

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