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This paper briefly introduces the grade and style selection of acid proof clothing

Abstract: acid proof clothing has great significance in ensuring the safety of workers in the construction process. A batch of experiments can be completed in sequence after one set; help. However, due to different working environments, the types of corresponding equipment are also very different, so what is the choice of acid proof clothing

introduce the level and style of acid proof clothes

I believe that many partners do not know much about acid proof clothes, let alone their specific characteristics and selection methods. Then through the following explanations, you should know some details of the equipment

1. How to choose acid proof grade

we rank according to the acid resistance of the equipment, from high to low. This comparison can be divided into three levels. The first two grades are relatively high, and they are all airtight. When we need to choose acid proof clothing, we must measure its risk according to the current working environment, understand what kind of threat the current environment will pose to the human body, and test the acid concentration in the environment and several forms of acid substances. According to these test reports to choose relevant protective equipment, so as to ensure people's physical safety as much as possible

2. How to choose the sample according to the style by impacting and breaking through the semi-circular ball punch at a fixed impact speed

through the material analysis of the product, we come to the conclusion that there are actually many types of acid proof clothes, including split type, which have higher strength and lighter weight, even one-piece type. There is no need to say more about these styles. Generally, our friends who have bought clothes will know the shape of them. So why are there so many styles? In fact, this is also based on the specific division of the working environment. Some jobs must protect the whole position of the human body, so clothes without seams must be used. But some are in local acid contact, so it is not necessary to use all seamless equipment in such cases. These are all based on specific circumstances

in fact, for this kind of equipment, we must master detailed instructions. After all, it has a great protective effect on the health of the constructor, so we have to pay attention to these. What about? Now, do you know the current use of this equipment? Through the above introduction, I believe that the partners have a certain understanding of the level and style selection of acid proof clothes, and can also find the right way to choose

we may seldom see acid proof clothes in our daily life, and we are not so familiar with their characteristics. In fact, simply speaking, this equipment still plays a great role in ensuring the safety of workers during the construction process. However, due to different working environments, the types of corresponding equipment are also very different, so what is the selection method of this equipment? Now let's give you a detailed introduction

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