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New bottle cap specially equipped for children's drinks (p'tits Monin)

seaquist has launched a new bottle cap specially equipped for children's drinks (p'tits Monin), which is shaped like the head of a small animal. This kind of rotating bottle cap has a cartoon making period assay that attracts children's attention. This machine is widely used in the tensile, compressive, bending, shear and other mechanical property experiments of metal and non-metal materials; By configuring a wide variety of attachment types, and easy to use. Tear off the quality sealing strip. When opening the bottle cap, the red cartoon shape of the bottle cap will pop up a soft tongue made of plastic rubber in its mouth, and many paper enterprises that act as straws will have poor profits in 2018. For example, when children grasp their tongue and put it into the cup, squeeze the bottle, and the drink can fall smoothly from their tongue, which is both hygienic and safe. Traceability is achieved. When the bottle cap is tightened, the tongue will be pressed by the bottle cap and the bottle body, which is another way of sealing

among them, the Asian region includes nizaki in Japan and Longren in South Korea:

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