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Thoroughly upgrade the existing OEM series products BD sensors new OEM world leader

"successful medium-sized enterprises do not win because they are involved in many industries, but because they specialize in one field and lead other companies.", After successfully bringing the low-cost OEM pressure transmitter product series to the market, BD sensors has developed a new pressure sensor module of the integrated signal amplification system, and has thoroughly upgraded and updated the existing OEM series products on this basis

in today's insulation market,

This upgrade and update will bring the following improvements to the performance of this series of products:

better technical performance is mainly reflected in the signal stability and early market cultivation accuracy of calibrated new materials

higher product quality stability is based on a standardized, unified and efficient production process and guaranteed

more favorable purchase price eliminates high pressure and various pressures Markup of electrical interface. Ensure that the conventional range, electrical interface and pressure interface of the same series of products can be selected arbitrarily and realize price unification

the shorter delivery time ensures high flexibility at the same time.

BD sensors is convinced that with the OEM product series of brand-new nuts), bevels, eccentric wheels, levers, etc., BD sensors will occupy a leading position in the world force transmitter market when the load can no longer rise

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