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Accelerate the intelligent upgrading of manufacturing enterprises and deal with the great changes that have not been seen in a century.

during this epidemic, the advantages of intelligent manufacturing, such as reduced employment and improved production efficiency, are very obvious. The manufacturing enterprises with high level of intelligence and low personnel density are the fastest to resume work and production. Although the impact of the epidemic is short-term, the severe domestic and international development situation is long-term. It is suggested that the majority of manufacturing enterprises should take the opportunity of responding to the epidemic, take accelerating the intelligent upgrading as the path, improve their development quality and impact resistance, and make full preparations for dealing with the great changes that have not occurred in a century

I. intelligent upgrading helps manufacturing enterprises resume production quickly.

machine replacement reduces the number of workers and relieves the pressure of labor for enterprises to resume production. The automation rate of the final assembly production line of Chang'an Automobile Yubei factory is more than 90%. The main force of production is more than 700 industrial robots on the assembly line. At the same time, although the smart factory management platform has a strong sense of color and color, it can monitor the production quality in real time. The whole factory only needs to inspect the number of employees, which effectively reduces the flow and gathering of personnel. Production is basically not limited by the shortage of employees and employee epidemic prevention, It ensures that the factory will resume work on February 18. Through the implementation of intelligent transformation, Taijing Chongqing electronics has more than doubled its production efficiency while reducing the operation of front-line personnel. In particular, by promoting flexible automatic production lines, the dependence on labor was reduced, and the enterprise soon resumed normal operation after resumption of work. Because Shandong Xingdi company has an intelligent production line, its production line can produce 30 tons of medical non-woven fabrics per day with only 5 people. Not only has the production been basically unaffected by the epidemic, but also there is no shortage of personnel

intelligently upgrade, eliminate repetitive labor processes, and increase personnel spacing to create good conditions for resumption of production. Chongqing Landai power is an invisible champion with important industry influence in the field of domestic passenger car transmission production. In recent three years, the enterprise has made great efforts to carry out intelligent transformation, reducing the number of operators of a machine from 3 to 1. There are no longer a large number of workers gathered in the production workshop, and it soon meets the requirements of resumption of production. As early as after the Lantern Festival, its production capacity has been restored to 60%. Through cooperation with UFIDA technology, a domestic intelligent manufacturing service provider, Chongqing Meixin Yishen has built an enterprise full process information platform to realize big data collection, circulation and real-time response, realize zero contact production of employees, and create good conditions for resumption of production. Whether Jiaxing Maisite spring noise device is safe and comfortable for vehicle operation? The automatic production line was launched in 2014. At present, its pipe fitting NC workshop has 70 sets of automatic production equipment, and there are only 9 operators, each of whom is nearly 15 meters away, so as to avoid cross infection and provide great convenience for epidemic prevention

intelligent upgrading reduces the operation threshold and creates the possibility of emergency production for temporary personnel. A steel structure company in Zhengzhou replaced the original manual welding with robot welding, which not only greatly reduced the product defect rate and rework rate, but also increased the efficiency several times. This epidemic was not affected by the shortage of skilled workers. A military industrial enterprise of the Ordnance Group has adopted an intelligent production line, and its personnel can operate after simple training. During the epidemic period, it was able to mobilize organ personnel and other staff to maintain normal production, ensuring the supply of important medical materials. Shandong Xinghua packaging has become one of the first batch of local enterprises approved to resume production, thanks to the automatic production system they invested 520million yuan in 2018. When other enterprises are understaffed, they have completed the training of local workers

second, intelligent upgrading is the key path for manufacturing enterprises to cope with the epidemic, improve the quality of development, and enhance their impact resistance.

check the links with more labor and repeated labor, and optimize the production process. Some manufacturing enterprises rely too much on low wages and consume too much and high-intensity manpower. With the rising cost of their own manpower and the challenge of lower cost and stronger competitiveness after the intelligent upgrading of friends and merchants, it has become increasingly unsustainable. It is suggested that the majority of enterprises should step by step reduce their dependence on labor, and check the production links in the production process with the characteristics of simple and repeated labor, high process level requirements, but lack of staff, high waste rate of manual processing, resulting in serious waste of materials and energy. Look for mature technical transformation solutions or work with intelligent upgrading solution suppliers to develop targeted solutions, and adopt local machine replacement, discrete process modification, rhythm optimization, process automation and other methods to improve the level of production automation and quality control, and improve the quality and efficiency of production

focus on core manufacturing equipment and key links, and carry out intelligent upgrading. Some manufacturing enterprises have high requirements for the technical level and experience of front-line workers in key links. If core skilled workers continue to make up for various reasons, it may affect the current production efficiency and future capacity layout, and even cause production paralysis in serious cases. It is suggested that qualified manufacturing enterprises should re study and re analyze the core process flow, focusing on the discovery and evaluation of production links that heavily rely on the personal ability and experience of skilled workers, are greatly affected by the status of workers, and the bottleneck of enterprise production expansion and increase. Research and carry out technological transformation, adopt intelligent equipment or intelligent auxiliary equipment, reduce the impact of personal technology and status on production, and expand the space for capacity expansion and production line replication

evaluate possible emergencies in the future and formulate intelligent upgrading plans. All previous emergencies are dangerous, and market fluctuations will turn into substantial benefits if they are adequately prepared. It is suggested that manufacturing enterprises should, in response to their appeal to the government to lay down the tariff sledgehammer, in the future, there may be crises such as public health events, changes in international relations, global economic and financial fluctuations, and overseas market disruption. With the help of the government, industry associations, and intermediary service agencies, they can conduct business stress tests on enterprises to analyze whether there are sufficient talents, whether technical equipment is controlled by others, and whether the supply chain is complete, In particular, the focus of intelligent upgrading is combined with the planning of emergency plans, including production raw material supply, human resources, marketing channels, etc., to improve their own development toughness and strengthen their ability to seize opportunities

Third, strengthen the government's guidance and support for the intelligent upgrading of manufacturing enterprises

solve the bottleneck problem of enterprises in the intelligent upgrading. The government should give full play to its advantages in coordinating resources and building a platform to solve various bottlenecks that enterprises cannot solve in intelligent exploration. With the growing maturity of domestic GH4169 alloy production technology and the expanding scope of use. First, running skills. Governments at all levels themselves or play the role of industry associations to collect the technical needs of local manufacturing enterprises in the process of intelligent upgrading, use government administrative resources to seek technical support from central and provincial scientific research institutions and universities, realize the interest relationship between enterprises and scientific research institutions in the form of scientific research vouchers, and promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. Second, run funds. Take advantage of the government's familiarity with enterprises, provide financial institutions and venture capital institutions with a list of suggestions to support enterprises, use enterprise tax payment, patents, national policy support and other information to bridge the gap between enterprises and financial institutions, and use capital to solve the capital bottleneck encountered by enterprises in intelligent upgrading. Third, be a mother. The government directly or guides enterprises with the intention of intelligent upgrading within the jurisdiction of industry associations, industrial alliances and other organizations to conduct unified negotiations with colleges and universities, equipment suppliers, and intelligent transformation solution suppliers, and take advantage of the huge demand of enterprises to obtain the best talent supply conditions, equipment and program prices, and after-sales maintenance conditions

cultivate the business philosophy of entrepreneurs in the intelligent era. The slow pace of intelligent upgrading of some enterprises, old concepts and lack of understanding of the long-term market are the main reasons. First, strengthen the training of entrepreneurs. Invite think tank experts and solution providers to conduct training and consultation, answer questions and solve doubts for entrepreneurs, eliminate concerns and strengthen confidence in intelligent upgrading. Second, strengthen publicity and guidance. Regularly organize entrepreneurs to visit intelligent manufacturing model enterprises for investigation and exchange, and personally feel the effect of intelligent upgrading. Third, organize the second-generation training of entrepreneurs, set up professional courses around the themes of opportunities and challenges brought by the integrated development of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing industry, and use the younger generation to influence the enterprise leadership while cultivating successors

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