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Still paying for expensive hardware? Industrial robot competition has entered the era of "software determination"

for industry, we pay more attention to the hardware level such as manipulator and parts, while ignoring the software system. However, this is the key for robots to solve application problems

the differentiated competition of industrial robots will eventually be reflected in the software

after the traditional industrial robots enter the factory, they have solved the preliminary automation transformation of the factory. At the same time, they are limited to the degree of intelligence, and there is still a big gap in some application levels, which can not well meet the needs of enterprises in all aspects. In short, robots are still in the "stupid" stage

in this regard, Lu Zhangyuan of the Institute of robotics of higher industry and research said that it is still software systems that can really broaden the application of industrial robots and solve user problems. The combination of software systems and artificial intelligence technology is the key to changing the rigid and lack of intelligence of traditional robots in the future. Therefore, more and more robot software system enterprises will stand out

it has to be said that industrial robots will become common industrial components like PLC in the future. In this process, on the one hand, with the further growth of industrial robot sales, on the other hand, there will be all kinds of programming software and simulation software for the purpose of simplifying robot applications

there are also some typical cases in the industry. For example, makamand, who is committed to giving intelligence to industrial robots, has received tens of millions of financing only six months after its establishment. Its advantage lies in software and algorithms. The team has gathered nearly 20 top talents in software and algorithms from famous schools at home and abroad. According to Mei's description, shaotianlan, the founder of kammand, said that the hardware of industrial robots has been basically mature, and the domestic industry is more to catch up. The key is to break through the core components and algorithms, and industrial robots are gradually moving towards software defined. "Robot hardware is still very important, and new scenarios also need innovation in hardware (for example, it is more common in the farmers' market to meet the needs of 3C and logistics), but the status of software is getting higher and higher"

in his view, the application of industrial robots in traditional fields has gradually matured, and the emerging applications are increasingly software problems, not hardware problems. Moreover, the development of industrial robots will also be like cars. After the hardware is mature and converging, the differences are often reflected in the software

in fact, industrial robots are easy to be imitated in terms of hardware, which makes the hardware differences between robots from different manufacturers smaller and smaller, especially among older manufacturers. Basically, there are all models that should be available

the domestic industrial robot enterprise software system research and development ability is weak

at present, foreign robot manufacturers are more rapid in the development of software systems, with considerable research and development results, and have been widely used in industrial robots

among them, ABB's software process package is considered to be the most comprehensive, covering various applications, including stacking, die casting, welding, etc. at present, abb safemove system has been updated to safemove 2. Safemove is based on the most advanced robot safety technology and the most popular safety specifications. It can perform emergency shutdown or send an alarm to the upper PLC even in a few seconds. Safemove2 has better flexibility, saves space and provides advanced debugging tools, which can completely change the safe debugging time and reduce the total investment cost by 30%. In addition, safemove2 retains many advanced safety functions of the first generation safemove, including safety speed limit, safety pause monitoring, safety axis range, position and direction monitoring

in addition to safemove2, abb has also developed a virtual simulation software system, robotstudio. ABB Robot Simulation software is suitable for XP, win 7 and win8 systems, including robotstudio5.15.02, robotstudio5.61.02 and the latest robotstudio6.01. The simulation system can simulate the effect of the robot in loading and unloading applications, and provide experimental examples and technical support for the independent development of robot related technologies

ruisenke's intera software platform. As the "strongest brain" of rethink robot, the intera platform is used on ruisenke cooperative robot. With the continuous upgrading of intera, the performance of rethink intelligent cooperative robot will also be continuously improved and improved. At present, it has been upgraded to intera5, and the force sensing technology and visual application of the robot have been comprehensively improved, which greatly improves the sensitivity and flexibility of the robot and will adapt to more complex working environments

Liang Qi, vice president of ruisenke, said that the intera5 platform enables the vision system to be better applied, and the programming is simpler and more accurate, and it can quickly switch between different stations, with higher security, "By connecting the industrial IOT, rapid deployment will be achieved, from one robot to one workstation to one robot to one plant; and through internal communication, one robot can also be trained to all robots quickly and easily."

in addition to abb and ruisenke, KUKA, FANUC and Yaskawa have also developed some software systems suitable for industrial robot applications, such as Yaskawa's Matlab software and KUKA's connect cloud platform

however, domestic industrial robot enterprises are relatively weak in the research and development of software systems. Many independently developed software systems are improvisable, and it is more difficult to make major innovations. With the trend of industrial robots becoming more and more intelligent, the small force value and discrimination threshold of the two levels of experimental machines can be verified with a special weight of level 0.1, The backwardness of software system will also become an important factor to open the gap between domestic and foreign robot enterprises

as for the reasons for the weak software R & D ability of domestic industrial robot enterprises, shaotianlan said that software R & D requires a very professional team and a lot of investment, and the general treatment level of the industrial robot industry is not comparable to that of enterprises such as Internet, and the company's genes and atmosphere are also different, and senior leaders often do not pay attention to it, so it is difficult to attract top talents

although it is difficult, there are still some robot enterprises in China who are constantly trying to solve the "difficulties" of software, hoping to make robots more intelligent and convenient to operate through the optimization of software systems and algorithms

in 2016, the manufacturing execution system (MES) software of the core software of the digital factory successfully developed by Xinsong robot company obtained the copyright of computer software, which laid a solid foundation for Xinsong to design and develop the overall solution of the digital factory. In addition, Xinsong also independently developed data acquisition software (MDC) to provide data support for the construction of enterprise digital chemical plants

recently, Luoshi (Beijing) technology has independently developed a titanite control system based on full model based control. With the release of drag teaching, collision detection, compliance control and other functions, the titanite control system equipped with sil3 level safety module adopts computers to carry out the dynamic display of the experimental process and experimental curves, which can make almost all robots have the function of collaboration

it is reported that the collision detection function of most robots in the industry is based on six position torque sensors or joint torque sensors, which means that users have to pay for expensive sensors. The collision detection of titanite control system is completely realized by software algorithm. Users can change the sensitivity of collision detection. It is a cooperative control system that takes into account both performance and cost performance


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