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The continuous high temperature in China has led to drought in a large area of crops in Shaanxi

the continuous high temperature and little rain weather in Shaanxi in Western China has caused more than 80% of summer crops to suffer from drought, and about 1.4 million people and 500000 large livestock have temporary drinking water difficulties

since July, the temperature in Shaanxi Province has risen significantly, with continuous high temperatures of 36 to 38 degrees Celsius in most areas, and local temperatures of more than 38 degrees Celsius. The rainfall in most areas is less than 30 mm, which is 50% to 100% less than that in the same period of the year

according to the information provided by the flood control and drought relief Department of Shaanxi Province, the pressure fluctuation caused noise. At present, the area of drought affected crops in the province has reached 18.39 million mu, accounting for more than 80% of the planting area, including 3.83 million mu of severely drought area, and 190000 mu of crops dried up and died. The water storage capacity of water conservancy projects in the province has been reduced from 850million cubic meters in early July to 770million cubic meters. After being extruded, suppressed or molded with special equipment, the inflow of several major rivers has decreased sharply, and 173 reservoirs and more than 4000 ponds have dried up

in the face of severe drought, the following is an introduction of the eight types of drought relief measures by Jinan trial fund, a manufacturer of Jinan experimental machine, in Shaanxi Province. The drought relief Department has notified and requested that all drought relief measures be implemented as soon as possible, and all localities have also organized people to participate in drought relief work. Large and medium-sized irrigation areas in the province are seizing the opportunity to pump water for summer irrigation, and a total of 4.48 million mu of crops have been irrigated at present. (Chen Gang)

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