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The on-site exchange meeting of the national printing supervision network system is an important meeting held under the situation that our publishing system fully implements the spirit of the 2010 national publishing work conference and the 2010 work requirements of the General Administration of publishing, implements the spirit of the 17th CPC National Congress, the third and fourth plenary sessions of the 17th CPC Central Committee and the central economic work conference, and deeply studies and practices the scientific concept of development, It is also the first step to innovate management means and strengthen printing management in accordance with the requirements of the Party group of the general administration. We should fully understand the significance of innovating printing management means in the new situation, especially using network technology to strengthen printing management

at the 2010 national publishing work conference, director Liu Binjie delivered a thematic report entitled "reform and innovation, scientific development, and vigorously promote China's progress towards a powerful publishing country". The report is a mobilization order to strengthen and speed up the progress of promoting publishing reform, and it is the march number for China to move forward from a large publishing country to a powerful publishing country. The report clearly puts forward that the main direction of China's publishing work in the next 10 years is to move towards a powerful publishing country! Based on an objective analysis of the great achievements made by the publishing industry in the past 30 years of reform and opening up, especially since the 16th CPC National Congress, the report points out the development direction and objectives of China's publishing work in the next 10 years from a new historical starting point

Functionalization, greening and reduction have become the direction pursued by the plastic packaging industry

in order to achieve this goal, director Binjie clearly requires us to vigorously innovate administrative means, strive to improve the level of administration according to law, and constantly optimize the administrative environment for becoming a publishing power. The "key points of publishing work in 2010" issued by the General Administration also requires us to innovate administrative means and gradually promote the printing and reproduction network management information system. Deputy director Yan Xiaohong commented on the request for instructions on holding the on-site exchange meeting of the printing supervision network system: we hope to carefully prepare for this meeting and study how to promote innovative management means and improve the printing management level by using new technologies on the basis of exchanging experience and practices

to implement the instructions of the General Administration, I think we should understand the significance of strengthening printing management by means of network technology from the following three aspects

adopting network technology to strengthen printing management is in line with the reality of China's large printing country and is conducive to accelerating China's progress from a large printing country to a powerful printing country. According to the verification data statistics of printing enterprises in 2009, their annual target capital is 4500 euros (4940 dollars), there are about 102000 printing enterprises of all kinds in the country, with 4048000 employees, the total output value of the printing industry is 574.62 billion yuan, and the output value of printing export processing is 63.24 billion yuan. China's total output value of printing has ranked third in the world, and has become a real printing country. The printing industry occupies a very important position in China's publishing industry. However, the contradictions and problems accumulated in the long-term and rapid development of China's printing industry, such as the low degree of intensification, the serious low-level repeated construction, the unbalanced regional development, the overall low level of printing technology and equipment, the insufficient ability of independent technological innovation, and the low quality of employees, have not been fundamentally solved. In particular, China's printing industry has many points, long lines and a wide range, complex production and operation conditions, prominent problems of scattered low-end production capacity, and repeated attacks on underground printing dens. Illegal printing behaviors occur from time to time, making supervision and management very difficult

in recent years, together with the public security, industry and commerce, quality inspection and other departments, we have continued to carry out several special actions to clean up and rectify the printing industry, banned a number of unlicensed underground printing dens, seriously investigated and dealt with a number of illegal printing enterprises, effectively standardized the order of the printing market, and on this basis, gradually established and improved five daily printing management systems. However, our management power, 103. Air conditioning purification management means and management mode are far from the requirements of the party and the state for ideological safety, from the expectations of the people for combating infringement and piracy, and from the further development of the industry. The long-term mechanism of printing management and the daily supervision system of printing have not been really established

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