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Sizing up the situation and extending the industrial chain, Datang sock industry has entered the field of chemical fiber on a large scale

at present, Datang Town, Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province, which is an important sock Town, has a large amount of capital entering the polyester, spandex and other knitwear and textile raw materials industry

according to a recent report submitted by Hisense Group to Datang town government, the group plans to invest 2.3 billion yuan to build a melt direct spinning project, "becoming the largest chemical fiber raw material (FDY) manufacturer supporting the world's largest sock manufacturing base". Previously, the 6th differentiated spandex project with an investment of 600million yuan by Huahai spandex also attracted the attention of the industry. After the initial investment of 1.5 billion yuan into the spandex industry, the new investment of Huahai spandex aims to compete for the leading position in the national spandex industry

wuchengbiao, vice mayor of Zhuji City, said that Datang, as the world's largest sock manufacturing base, is currently building a global knitting raw material base. The construction of knitting and textile raw materials in Datang starts from socks, but does not stop at socks. The local government will also make use of its existing advantages to enter a broader industrial field. Yuan Zhigang, Secretary of the Party committee of Datang Town, believes that with the overall recovery of the textile industry, it is time for Datang to intervene in the raw material industry

demand gave birth to raw material enterprises

when Huahai spandex was running in new fields, in 2007, Yadi chemical fiber, jointly invested by Dai Yefei, a local raw material supplier of Datang, and Itochu, a global top 500 enterprise, was established in Datang, mainly manufacturing spandex products. Dai Yefei has been engaged in the ammonia overload and excess nylon trade for nearly 20 years, and has started the production of coated yarn since 2000. For Dai Yefei, this investment is a leap forward to the upstream of the industrial chain. At present, Yadi chemical fiber is expanding the annual capacity of spandex from 10000 tons to 15000 tons. Dai Yefei revealed that with the help of the market network of its joint venture, their spandex is mainly exported to Japan, Europe and other parts of the world, and is used in swimwear, ball clothing and other high-end clothing fields

in 2004, Yongxin group, a joint venture evolved from Yongxing Chemical fiber, was established. At that time, its annual output reached more than 10000 tons, producing more than 100 series of raw materials to supply Datang local medium and high-end sock enterprises. "A pair of socks to achieve high-end, 50% depends on the supply of high-quality raw materials." Jin Bingqi, general manager of Yongxin group, proposed to let the development of raw materials industry lead the development of sock industry. Therefore, they are planning to build a sock raw materials supermarket to realize one-stop procurement of sock raw materials. The story of the Kim family is a model of the rise of the wrapped yarn industry in the Tang Dynasty

In 2002, Hisense Group was founded in Datang, a polyester manufacturing enterprise. Relying on the huge local demand of Datang, within a few years, Hisense Group became the largest polyester yarn supplier in Zhuji. "Even if you don't have silk at night, I'll deliver it for free in a few minutes." The source said that the unique sock industry ecosystem has created their rapid response ability and outstanding cost advantages

the annual output of chemical fiber is nearly 900000 tons

according to the local survey, Datang town has 1151 knitting raw material enterprises, with an annual average of 13000 employees, more than 200 production lines of various types, with an annual output of 450000 tons of polyester, 120000 tons of nylon, 70000 tons of spandex and 230000 tons of other chemical fibers. 25% - 35% of these textile raw materials flow to the covering yarn machine and are mainly used in sock production after blending; The largest part goes to the large circle machine, which is used to produce cotton sweaters, seamless underwear, etc., accounting for 45% - 55% of the total; Another 15% to 25% went to the finishing machine for weaving

the emergence of a number of enterprises that produce liquid crystal displays of textile raw materials is exerting industry influence. For example, cailisi (polyester POY colored yarn) of Yongxin group adopts color masterbatch technology, and the product has bright color and will never fade. Yuxin group is a nylon manufacturing enterprise with a complete industrial chain of "polymerization - spinning - texturing - doubling twisting - if you carefully inspect the internal twisting - dyeing - winding". It is one of the few enterprises in China that can produce nylon 6 and nylon 66 at the same time

according to Yuan Zhigang, from the analysis of Datang's technological transformation projects this year, many enterprises have shown great interest in the knitting and textile raw material industry, including five projects with more than 100 million yuan. At this stage, the reason why the knitting raw material industry attracts capital is that the expectation of inflation makes investors optimistic about the medium and long-term trend of the upstream raw material industry, and at present, the field still maintains a high profit level; Second, with the improvement of domestic equipment and technological capabilities, some foreign manufacturing bases have been transferred to China, and investment opportunities have emerged; Third, after more than 30 years of wealth galloping, a large number of local bosses in Datang have completed the accumulation of original funds and want to enter the chemical fiber industry

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