The hottest is the oversupply of glass substrates

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This year's excess supply of glass substrates will improve in Q2 next year

affected by the financial storm, except that Intel maintained strong shipments in the fourth quarter, other large chip manufacturers such as NVIDIA, ultra micro, Qualcomm (Qualcomm and guaranteed imports m), Deyi and so on, all gave priority to eliminating inventory in their hands, greatly reducing orders for wafer foundries and packaging and testing plants, which also led to weaker orders for IC substrate factories such as quanmao, jingshuo, and Nandian. The industry estimates that the revenue of the substrate factory in the fourth quarter will decline by 10% to 15% compared with the previous quarter, and the first quarter of next year is a traditional off-season. The pressure of oversupply of flip chip substrates is likely to increase significantly, and will improve after the second quarter

in the fourth quarter of this year, the chip market was not booming in the peak season. According to the orders held by semiconductor manufacturers in Taiwan, only Intel's orders remained strong, and the orders of other customers were repaired many times. Therefore, the revenue performance of Taiwan's IC substrate factories in the fourth quarter of this year was not as good as in the past. The revenue generally fell by 10% to 15% compared with the third quarter, and the gross profit margin was also under pressure to fall by 1 to 3 percentage points. However, the good news was that the substrate factories were unwilling to cut prices to grab orders, and the pressure of average price decline had been greatly relieved, only a slight decline of about 1% to 2% compared with the previous quarter

Intel's Atom processor shipments in the fourth quarter were strong, and there was a chance that they would be higher than those in the third quarter. In the middle of this month, the first Nehalem Processor Core i7 and the corresponding 5-series chipset will be launched. Therefore, the orders for flip chip substrates purchased by Nantong did not decrease, but increased, so that the capacity utilization rate of flip chip substrates of Nantong remained at a high level of more than 90% this quarter. However, the decline in orders for traditional PCBs, boards, drawing wafers and flip chip substrates of Nantong power is an important reason for the decline in revenue and profits this quarter

quanmao received orders from Intel for flip chip substrates and plastic gate array substrates (PBGA) in the third quarter, and its profit performance exceeded market expectations. However, Intel transferred orders back to other suppliers this quarter, and orders for the main product lines of flip chip substrates such as game console chips and graphics chips also weakened. It is estimated that its capacity utilization ratio may fall from 80% to about 70%

jingshuo benefited from the stable shipment of programmable logic components such as Xilinx and Altera, and the shipment of BT clad substrates was relatively good this quarter. However, in order to reduce inventory, Qualcomm, Broadcom, SanDisk, Toshiba and other industries greatly reduced the order of chip size clad (2) panel key function substrates (fc-csp) and CSP substrates, which was the main reason for the reduction of jingshuo's revenue in this quarter by more than 10%

the utilization rate of the substrate factory has declined this quarter. Due to the traditional off-season in the first quarter of next year, the orders in hand will show that the utilization of recycled materials such as recycled carbon fiber and the re produced blending materials may be reduced by 5% to 10%, and the excess pressure on the market of clad substrate will increase greatly, and the gross profit margin will still have downward pressure. Although the visibility of orders next year is poor, the industry believes that the shipments of graphics, graphics, game consoles and other chips will rise every year from May, and the shipments of flip chip substrates should start to recover in April next year

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