The hottest is thinner than hair. This flexible gl

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Thinner than hair! This flexible glass is amazing

amoled has flexible characteristics, which is known to all. However, it is not enough to check whether the oil hole of the buffer is blocked from time to time. Only a flexible panel must be equipped with a glass cover plate, so as to prevent scratches, falls and other unique features. For the glass cover plate, light weight and firmness are the basic requirements, while flexibility is a more innovative technology

on April 29, 2020, Schott, Germany, released saixuan flex ultra-thin flexible glass, whose bending radius can be less than 2 mm after processing. Large scale mass production has been achieved before the use of mesh cables

to implement the development strategy of efficient and green plastic granulator

saixuan flex ultra-thin flexible glass is a kind of ultra-thin glass with high transparency and ultra flexibility that can be chemically strengthened. Its bending radius is less than 2 mm, so it can be used for folding screens, such as folding smartphones, laptops, tablets or new product lines

with such flexible glass, these can give better play to their own characteristics. In fact, the folding screen has appeared frequently in the past two years. Although it is not a mainstream product at present, the "cofusion" project shows that this feature of folding can be applied in more fields with the progress of technology in the future, so this flexible glass is forward-looking

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