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Realize the excellent performance of 12.8 TBPs in a single chip at the speed of 400ge

Abstract: the data transmission performance of 12.8 terabits per second (TBPs) is realized at the speed of 100gbe to 400gbe, which fully meets the requirements of large data centers. As a leading technology company, Shide technology helps enterprises, service providers and governments accelerate innovation and create a safe and interconnected world

innovium teralynx product series is a high-performance and scalable silicon chip series of Ethernet switches, which can provide advanced analysis, programming and caching functions. Teralynx achieves the cutting-edge performance of 12.8 TBPs in a single chip, and has powerful tunneling, line speed programming functions and excellent low latency, so it has obvious competitive advantages compared with other similar solutions. Teralynx also supports standards such as 10/25/40/50/100/200/400ge, and can provide 128 ports (100gbe), 64 ports (200gbe) or 32 ports (400gbe) in a single device through flexible configuration

Amit Sanyal, vice president of product management and marketing of innovium, said: "We are very happy to work with Shide technology to promote teralynx switches to achieve excellent performance of 12.8 TBPs with the help of Shide technology's 400ge solution. It is very important to achieve such performance at a speed of up to 400gbe. This advantage can promote the successful adoption of teralynx solutions when we collaborate with customers, system manufacturers, and copper and optical cable interconnection ecosystem partners."

it is a k400 400ge verification solution provided by Ixia solutions division of German technology, which supports the generation of full line speed traffic, including the functions of sending, receiving, capturing, FEC and bit error rate test with frame length from 64b to 14000b, as well as a comprehensive layer 2/3 routing protocol simulation range. This will ensure that the 400ge solution can meet the industry's requirements for performance, scale and quality. K400 test system can simplify pressure testing, hardware/asic development, optical device and cable certification, interoperability and functional testing

Sunil kalidindi, vice president of product management of Ixia solutions division of Germany technology, said: "Shide technology will continue to lead the market by introducing mature verification solutions such as k400 load modules. 1 graphene will decompose automatically under high temperature into the market. Innovium and other enterprises rely on our proven testing and measurement technology to ensure that they can provide practical and effective solutions for their customers. We are very honored to work with innovium to develop this innovative project to verify the 12.8 t deletion record: bps Performance. "

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