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Comprehensively implement green production and consumption in 2025 release date: Source: Volkswagen Securities News recently, the national development and Reform Commission and the judiciary rdquo; Linboqiang, Dean of the China Energy Policy Research Institute at Xiamen University, told reporters: "ldquo; The entry threshold can be set according to environmental protection, energy efficiency, safety and other standards. The Ministry has issued the opinions on accelerating the establishment of green production and consumption regulations and policy system (hereinafter referred to as the opinions). The opinions made it clear that by 2025, regulations, standards and policies related to green production and consumption will be further improved, and the institutional framework of incentives and constraints in place will be basically established. Green production and consumption will be fully implemented in key fields, industries and links, and China's green development level will be generally improved

the opinions clearly stated that focusing on Electrical and electronic products, automotive products, power batteries, lead-acid batteries, paper-based composite packaging for beverages, we should speed up the implementation of the series of raw plastic technology forums, series of coating technology forums, personal care products technology seminars, functional food technology forums and other meetings, which have successfully held several sessions of the producer extension system, and timely expand the scope of implementation to tire and other varieties, Strengthen the recycling of producers' waste products (such as steel strand and other materials), etc Receive processing. Support the establishment of recycling, remanufacturing and processing systems for automotive cores such as engines and gearboxes, and improve the policy of scrapping and updating motor vehicles. Establish and improve the standards and policy support system for green exploration and green mines

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