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With the same sky and the same oven, how mature will you be

Suifu doors and windows felt that summer itself was frighteningly hot, and the heat wave continued to hit recently. The highest temperature in some areas continues, and some areas can even reach more than 40 degrees Celsius

in the warm sunshine, people often sweat profusely, and there is also the arrival of rain, which slightly cools the earth. It seems that the weather also feels hot, so it brings heavy rainfall and even rainstorm, which is also a day when you can't go out to play

sometimes typhoons are also involved, under the cooperation of violent storms; The "high fever" finally retreated, and the muggy weather was relieved. But our rest time can only stay at home

in this crazy and changeable season, Suifu doors and windows remind everyone to pay attention to prevention. In order not to be disturbed by the outside world, it is better to let the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows to help your home add protection

the bridge cutoff aluminum doors and windows adopt the soft connection of the inner and outer frames of the thermal insulation profile, and the frame also adopts the three-way sealing method, and adopts the hollow glass structure. Therefore, the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows have superior thermal insulation performance, which can greatly block the heat wave

the waterproof function of bridge cutoff aluminum doors and windows is also excellent, with excellent watertight performance, and it is difficult for rainwater to invade the room

broken bridge aluminum doors and windows have strong wind resistance performance. Because it adopts the hollow design of the inner frame, the effect of anti wind pressure deformation is relatively strong, and the anti vibration property can be presented

install Suifu's broken bridge aluminum doors and windows at home to spend the hot summer It will bring you a little cool





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