Home decoration is difficult to prevent mistakes.

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[] it's a lot of trouble to decorate a clean water room as a warm home during this period. Starting from the first step of material selection, it takes physical strength to run to the store, which takes more brains than the price. We should not only bargain with the home decoration company, but also avoid the generation of contradictions within the family. On reflection, the three-month renovation of the new house is really a big project that takes both physical and mental effort. ◆ home decoration is a concentrated battle. From the moment you get the house, the arduous struggle begins. The well-known and unknown home decoration company called in the morning and evening after getting the mobile phone number. Like the comprehensive bombing before the war, it was really annoying. Sometimes I felt nervous when I heard the phone ring. Later, my wife and I began to choose a home decoration company. On this issue, we agreed that we must want a big company, but then the problem came again. Because their favorite styles were different, although the designers had integrated our respective hobbies to the greatest extent and were relatively satisfied with the scheme, they were still secretly competing, always trying to make the part they liked more prominent. Although there was no big quarrel, sometimes it was inevitable to be awkward, Fortunately, it can be resolved peacefully in the end. Entering the process of selecting materials, I didn't let the designer buy it with me, because I was afraid that the designer would only go to the stores that can get kickbacks. In order to find satisfactory materials, I wandered around in major building materials stores in hot weather. The inquiry from store to store made me feel thirsty, my legs were about to break, and my eyes were also dazzled, just like Yang Xiaoyun and his wife running around in the TV series struggle to buy a bed cover. I remember once when I met a store for an activity, a brand toilet was only 100 yuan for a limited time rush purchase. For this reason, I got up after 6 a.m. and drove to the scene to queue up. Later, I thought about it, and I felt very wronged. I couldn't figure it out. It was just a toilet. How could I work so hard at that time?! ◆ it takes a lot of brain and money to prevent mistakes. In the process of home decoration, although the physical work of buying materials, watching the scene and running back and forth is tired, it can be recovered after sleeping, which makes people feel that there is always a string in their mind, that is, dealing with designers, material merchants and the quality of construction projects. Even if the home decoration company is appointed, sometimes the on-site handling and changes have to be handled flexibly, and communicating with the on-site and construction masters is even more annoying and depressing. Miss Zhong, who delivered the house last year, met such a thing. She found a decoration company and did a good job in the project. But the contract signed by the home decoration company included a custom-made wine rack for more than 2000 yuan. I don't know whether the designer didn't explain to the master or the master really didn't understand. When the wine rack was finished and the foreman asked Miss Zhong to see the goods, she was dumbfounded. It was supposed that the notch of the wine rack was only seven or eight square centimeters, The finished products made by the masters are so big that they can hold a hardcover version of Wuliangye. Miss Zhong explained with a wry smile to the foreman that it was not like this, and took out the original drawing to him. After listening to it for a long time, the foreman was very serious but said innocently: don't you put the box? In the next few days, Miss Zhong communicated with the designer, and the designer communicated with the foreman again. The foreman was also very responsible for asking the carpenter to change the wine rack again, but it still didn't come out. Finally, the carpenter said gloomily that I couldn't do it. So far, the bitter wine rack has not been able to climb the wall of the Zhong family. ◆ home decoration can also realize the experience of love. Miss Ma moved into her new home at the end of last year. Looking back on the whole way of decoration, she felt sweet, wronged, complaining, and looking forward to everything. In order to avoid disputes, the two made a clear division of labor at the beginning. They decided to set a decoration company together and went shopping for furniture together. In the middle, Miss Ma was not interested in knocking on the wall, laying bricks, carpentry and plastering, and so on. She gave her husband full authority to take care of them. After the basic decoration, she bought wall stickers, door stickers, and so on. When she started to make soft decoration, Miss Ma took the lead. However, even so, the troublesome things still came unexpectedly. Originally, the two said that it would be easier to install, but the emergence of a set of broken flower sofa made the simple style into a rural style. Around this set of sofa, the two people ran all over the major home shopping malls in Chengdu, looking at furniture and accessories, all of which had to be matched into a combination with the rural style. In order to achieve the best effect, The two of them kept adding to the budget of installing the house. Finally, looking at the completed new house, Miss Ma finally made a comment: installing a house is like falling in love. It takes more than a few times to know what she really wants





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