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In recent years, the development of customized furniture is in full swing, and many investors have also sprouted the idea of joining in to sell furniture

in recent years, customized furniture has developed in full swing, and many investors have also sprouted the idea of joining in to sell furniture. However, unlike finished furniture, customized furniture does not simply earn profits through the purchase and sale mode, but covers the whole business links such as order receiving, measuring, design, installation, etc. Therefore, for franchisees of customized furniture, it is not so much selling furniture as selling services. It is very important to choose and invest furniture brand categories! 2018 whole house custom furniture joined Deville

how about the profit of customized furniture

according to statistics, the customized furniture industry is developing at an annual growth rate of 30% - 40%, far exceeding the traditional finished furniture. Behind the high growth rate and high profits, of course, we also need to pay accordingly. Customized furniture is an industry integrating manufacturing and service industries. Investors must have a higher awareness when choosing to join. Take joining Deville as an example. Although the franchisees will receive a series of assistance from the headquarters of Deville in the early stage of joining, such as site selection guidance, store design, decoration subsidies, sample discounts, advertising reimbursement, opening support, training guidance and so on, which greatly reduces the cost pressure, the franchisees themselves also need to establish a complete terminal team to deal with a series of terminal businesses, such as shopping guides, designers, installers After sales personnel, etc

on the other hand, external factors such as upstream policies, environmental protection control and raw material costs are not objective at present, which will also reduce the gross profit of enterprises and franchised stores to a certain extent. Therefore, joining the customized furniture industry still requires the unremitting efforts of franchisees

what is the future prospect of customized furniture market

according to relevant data, in recent years, the scale of new housing transactions in first tier cities has gradually shrunk, and new housing projects have become more and more suburban due to higher and higher land prices. To this end, the investment channels of customized furniture enterprises such as Deville are also sinking, and the business radiation range of terminal stores is also gradually expanding to meet the consumption needs of more audiences. For investors, this is indeed a good thing

in general, it is very important to choose investment categories when joining in to sell furniture. If you are also optimistic about the future prospects of the customized furniture industry, you should seize the opportunity to join in order to become the first batch of people to eat crabs

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