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As we all know, once the ceramic tiles are paved in the decoration, the consequences will be very serious, and the selection of ceramic tiles is very particular

as we all know, once the tiles are paved in the decoration, the consequences are very serious, and the selection of tiles is very particular. The following problems must be clearly thought out before decoration. These problems often determine the type, specification, price and even the overall style of home furnishing of ceramic tiles in the future

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what exactly is laid

this question seems to be an idiot, but it is the most basic. First of all, you have to fully understand which spaces are suitable for which tiles. In fact, the key to this problem is not what kind of paving to use, but how to mix all kinds of materials. For example, some owners want to lay tiles in the living room and choose wood floors in the bedroom, so the problem arises:

if the living room is paved with ordinary vitrified bricks and the bedroom is paved with reinforced composite floors, there will be a height difference of about 3cm between the bedroom and the living room, which is mainly caused by the lack of keel under the reinforced floor. So is it OK to choose solid wood flooring in the bedroom? Of course not. Usually, 3× will be used when the solid wood floor is installed by the manufacturer; 2cm keel, if in order to level with the tiles in the living room, it is best to use 5× 4cm keel, but the service terms of each floor manufacturer for replacing the keel are different. Therefore, we should fully communicate with the owner. After all, our purpose is to satisfy the owner, understand the basic requirements of the owner, and then find out the most appropriate scheme according to the original idea of the owner. If the owner wants to choose the way of mixing the floor and floor tiles, he must plan well to avoid unnecessary trouble. Here are two basic matching methods: ceramic tile + laminate floor = the room with floor is padded 3cm high with cement mortar, and ceramic tile + solid wood floor = 5× under the floor; 4cm keel

what specification of floor tiles do you choose

shop 600? 800? Or 1000 or other specifications? This is a problem! The current floor tiles, especially those used in the living room, are mainly 500mm, 600mm, 800mm and 1000mm (i.e. 1 meter), of which 600mm and 800mm are the most used. So how to choose? It is suggested to choose according to the paved area and the placement of furniture. Because there are more 600mm bricks than 800mm bricks in the unit area, it can visually produce a sense of space expansion. At the same time, the waste rate when paving corners is lower than 800mm bricks, and when the space is large, paving 800 or even 1 meter bricks seems atmospheric. Therefore, it is recommended to choose 600mm floor tiles for spaces less than 40 square meters; 800mm or one meter floor tiles can be selected for spaces larger than 40 square meters. It is worth noting that if there is too much furniture in the room (such as the bedroom), it is best to use 600mm floor tiles when covering large pieces of ground




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