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The new Chinese style is the fusion and collision of Chinese traditional culture and modern fashion elements

new Chinese style wall cloth,

is a modern design based on Chinese contemporary culture,

is a beauty of constant innovation with the changes of the times

it uses highly expressive lines to outline the wall art with Oriental heritage

let home have the simplicity and connotation of traditional Chinese style,

without losing the fashion and simplicity pursued by modern people

corraya < Chinese style > Z95-1

integrates the Oriental Zen elements into the space,

combined with the layered sense formed by the wooden grille,

the new Chinese space atmosphere with elegant charm is in front of you

and log colored wooden dining tables and chairs constitute the beauty of form,

like a work of art presented in life

corraya < Chinese style > Z90-5

ink landscape painting,

is the yearning of literati for a natural and comfortable life,

benevolent Leshan, wise leshui, living near mountains and rivers

make life poetic,

place the spiritual connotation between mountains and rivers

the pattern of wall cloth originates from the transformation of artistic conception between black and white in ink painting.

pays attention to meaningful conception and vivid charm

originates from nature, expresses nature, is elegant but not quiet,

poetic, Zen, human, all in it

corraya < Chinese style > Z96-1

if you step on the cloud, you will feel at ease. The abstract treatment of

makes you embrace infinite reverie

the artistic installation of whirlwind clouds,

endows the space with flexibility and vitality,

the unique texture details are more aesthetic and exquisite

corraya < Chinese style > Z92-5

the compact and orderly flower pattern adds more Zen to the new Chinese style.

combined with the antique tea tables and chairs in Chinese form,

integrates with space,

conveys the rhythm of "slow life"

this slow down ease shows the Chinese style steady aura

simple and elegant colors,

make the whole pattern highlight the chic and classic of the new Chinese style

corraya < Chinese style > Z91-2

perfection is the aspiration of the Chinese people

a bright moon shines in front of the window,

the bright and soft moonlight shows poetic beauty,

the mellow and mild flower shape blooms smoothly and tenderly,

precipitates the impetuous nature of mind

enjoy the poetic space


the above wall fabric patterns are from

kloya No. 36 < Chinese style > Version

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