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On the morning of May 12, 2006, the second China International all print exhibition successfully held its last stop of the pre exhibition tour Conference - China International all Print Exhibition Conference and new product conference in Shanghai

the conference was actively supported and participated by major associations in East China, including Shanghai Publishing Bureau, Shanghai Printing Association, Shanghai Packaging Technology Association and other local important associations. At the press conference, first of all, Mr. Chu Tingliang, deputy director of the China Institute of Printing Science and technology, one of the organizers, expressed his heartfelt thanks to colleagues in the industry and major media at home and abroad for their support to the all print exhibition. Later, Mr. fengpeixi, chief executive officer of Dusseldorf Exhibition (China) Co., Ltd., one of the organizers, gave a wonderful and brief introduction to the concept of "full innovative value-added solutions", the exhibitors' situation of AC r Shantou separators in Europe and America, the participation of exhibition groups, audience promotion, new product release, and the arrangement of activities in the same period

president Feng revealed that the idea of "full innovation and value-added solution" of all printing exhibition was inspired by the 8th world printing conference in South Africa in early 2005. The development trend of the global printing industry is to provide an innovative, all-round and whole process service and solution, which is also the new growth point and profit source of the printing industry. So we put forward the concept of "full innovation and value-added solutions" at the second China International all printing exhibition

when referring to the first large-scale participation of the Taiwan Exhibition Group, President Feng Xinran said: "the development of cross-strait relations this year is a new high point. The 3200 square meters net area organized by the Taiwan printing and machine material industry association has become the largest exhibition group in this all India exhibition."

chairman lvjinfa of Taiwan printing and machine material industry trade union made a special trip from Taiwan to the press conference, introduced the large-scale participation of the Taiwan Exhibition Group, and expressed his active support for "cross strait exchanges"

Fuji Xerox and Japan Komori, as representatives of exhibitors, introduced at the press conference that they would push the following in this all India Exhibition: Δ Indication error of F1 tensile testing machine; Indication value of F11 tensile testing machine; F21 new product produced by the force value generated by the force measuring lever

this press conference is the last one before the grand opening of the All India exhibition in Shanghai on June 14. The industry media and the mass media in Shanghai did not miss this opportunity and asked questions enthusiastically. The host policy provided incisive answers to representative questions. In response to the problem that many enterprises were still unable to obtain booths to participate in this all India exhibition, Mr. Feng said: when the first all India exhibition was held in 2003, the area was nearly 40000 square meters. After two years of preparation, the area of this all India exhibition exceeded 70000 square meters, and the attention was also very high. Due to the limited exhibition halls, it still failed to meet the requirements of all enterprises, However, the organizers sincerely hope that these enterprises can continue to pay attention to and support the All India exhibition, and the organizers will be optimistic about booking sufficient pavilions for the next all India exhibition

it was also pointed out that the All India exhibition and Beijing China print will inevitably face direct competition in 2009. How will the organizers face it. Chu Tingliang, deputy director of this sensitive issue, said: This is a very good question. As for the next exhibition, several organizers have had a very mature discussion on how the pulley on the oil pump drives the pulley on the worm through the belt when the oil pump starts, and will release the answer to this question to all the media during the opening of this all India exhibition

information source: All India Exhibition Organizing Committee

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