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Schneider Electric's "digital switching station" press conference was held in Beijing

Schneider Electric has always followed the development trend of the industry, explored new possibilities for energy conservation and efficiency increase, and embraced the new world of energy

, Schneider Electric, a global expert in energy efficiency management and automation, held a press conference on digital switchyard (an overall solution integrating interconnected distribution equipment, regional control and asset management mobile operation and maintenance platform). During the conference, Schneider Electric and the guests discussed the challenges and opportunities faced by the world in the new energy environment, and demonstrated to many industry enterprises, experts and media the digital switching station aimed at helping the intelligent upgrading of distribution, as well as its successful practice in Fengtai branch of Beijing Power Supply Bureau

meet the energy challenge and embrace the digitalization process

at present, the acceleration of urbanization, digitalization and industrialization is rapidly increasing the social demand for energy consumption, and mankind is facing unprecedented energy challenges. Qiaoyicai, senior vice president of Schneider Electric China and head of energy business department, pointed out at the meeting that although it faces many challenges, Schneider Electric is an optimist in energy use. We believe that by making full use of innovative technologies, adopting completely different ways of thinking, design and construction, and seizing the opportunities in the new energy world, we can jointly deal with the energy dilemma and create the future. With the arrival of a more electrified era, these opportunities exist in the 3D process of the new energy world, that is, digitized, decarbonized and decentralized

under the general trend of electrification, China's power consumption is expected to reach 6% in 2020 2 trillion kwh, with an average annual growth of 3.6% to 4.8%. Faced with the growth of energy consumption and the continuous access of various new energy sources to electricity, distribution upgrading is in full swing. The upgrading and transformation of power distribution puts forward higher requirements for the safety, reliability and execution efficiency of the existing power distribution. For example, the annual average outage time of a+ target area needs to be reduced from 1.5 hours to 5 minutes; Due to the limited execution capacity and the increase of network complexity, the number of switchyards to be maintained per person increased by 30%; Restricted by equipment, new technologies cannot be deployed and create value quickly. Facing these challenges, it is imperative to upgrade the existing distribution system

switchyard facing the future: a convenient way to intelligentize

at present, IOT is driving the integration of operation technology (OT) and information technology (it). Relying on the power of IOT, Schneider Electric has put forward the concept of innovation everywhere to promote the innovation of key market segments. During the event, Schneider Electric demonstrated the digital switchyard launched for the digital transformation of electricity. As a concrete embodiment of Schneider Electric's innovation roadmap put into practice, the digital switchyard has realized multi-level innovation from interconnected distribution equipment and regional control to application, analysis and service, which can help reduce the outage time of at least 30% in the a+ target area, further improve the O & M resource allocation, and enable each O & M personnel to manage 40 switchyards independently

the four capabilities of the digital switchyard released this time can accelerate the intelligent process of electricity and realize more convenient operation and maintenance management. The former requires the use of coarse abrasive materials:

first, primary and secondary integration. The equipment truly achieves the integration of primary and secondary equipment, solves the problem of different life periods of primary and secondary equipment, and realizes the needs of equipment life cycle management by comparison

second, the integration of medium and low voltage. The whole distribution network from the front of the user meter to the low-voltage equipment, and from the low-voltage network to the medium voltage network is opened up, so as to avoid repeated investment and incompatibility of hardware and software, and improve the reliability and operation efficiency of distribution as a whole

third, digitalization of mobile operation and maintenance. Based on the primary and secondary integrated equipment and the medium and low voltage integrated network, digital technology is applied to realize mobile operation and maintenance and active operation and maintenance, so as to carry out timely fault early warning and effective preventive maintenance. By predicting the fault point in advance and eliminating it in advance to avoid the possible large-scale power outage, the reliability and sustainability of electricity can be realized, the efficiency of operation and maintenance work can be improved, the work intensity of operation and maintenance personnel can be reduced, and the overall level of operation and maintenance management can be improved

fourth, energy interconnection. Let the energy interconnection and distribution of user terminals achieve better interaction, so as to realize the demand of future demand side response

in this regard, yanghonglei, an expert of the Chinese Academy of electrical Sciences, said: I agree with Schneider Electric's idea of equipment asset life cycle management. Because of the wide variety of distribution equipment and complex operating environment, it is difficult for the distribution system to carry out real-time monitoring of equipment operating conditions. If effective information fusion and integration are carried out, it will help to master the equipment maintenance, operation and maintenance, carry out the whole process management, and provide the basis for the next step of power transformation, effectively reduce the cost and prolong the life of the equipment

help the power supply system to achieve a+ index

the press conference also showed the successful practice of Schneider Electric digital switchyard in Fengtai branch of Beijing Power Supply Bureau. Through the predictive pre inspection and management system, it helped it to master the equipment situation at any time, adopted the mobile operation and maintenance system for fault location, and applied the sequence control system to the field operation, greatly reducing the labor intensity of traditional operation and maintenance personnel, The operation safety index and reliability are improved. With the help of this scheme, a residential area under the jurisdiction of Fengtai branch of Beijing Power Supply Bureau has obtained more reliable, safe and sustainable power supply, and the duration of power outage has also been greatly reduced. At the same time, the scheme also provides strong support for Fengtai branch of Beijing Power Supply Bureau to fully achieve the a+ target (national power 2020 assessment index: the duration of power failure in a+ area shall not exceed 5 minutes/year)

for example, lijimin, vice president of Schneider Electric China and head of the northern region of the national sales division, said: it is my pleasure to share with you today Schneider Electric's other smart power distribution practices under the trend of digitalization, low-carbon and decentralization. In response to the national call for action for power distribution construction and transformation and market changes, we help customers optimize asset management and improve energy efficiency through ubiquitous power innovation. At the same time, we also contribute to the realization of sustainable development goals. We are willing to work with our partners and customers to explore opportunities in the new world of energy and embrace a sustainable future

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